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Community talk

Looking forward to this event and especially the Speakers, who are (as always) very interesting!..



Sunday (26th October) in Waalre (near Eindhoven) the annual Hobby and Crafts event.
Many types of creativity showing of their artistic talents.

Thanks to Mr. Blok, we are glad to be present.
3D-Hubs Eindhoven will be there too.  (limited space for more printers)

For you it's an opportunity to get in contact with new customers and the general public. 
Telling the story of 3D-printing, showing it, and making the folks hear, see and touch 3D-printing.

Having printers running, designing, and promoting your talents, that's what it's all about in Waalre.
The public arrives around 11:00, but we will be there from 10:00.

Location:  De Pracht 2, 5583 CW Aalst (city of Waalre)

See you there, Cheers,

  Jeroen, Marco and Robert (on behalf of 3D-Hubs)




Enthusiasts, Fan's,

One event during the DDW this year is the 3Dprinting event organized by Jakajima; The 5th International Edition of the 3D-printing event.

The relation between Jakajima and 3D-Hubs allows us to give away FREE tickets or have a discount on the price.

Thanks to Jakajima we're giving away 8 tickets, we have FREE tickets for:


 Step 1) Write a email to EINDHOVEN@3DHUBS.COM with your preference:
 - 3D-software, 
 - Business Regulation and Law, 
 - or Additive Manufacturing
 I M P O R T A N T :  Mail me before Monday the 13th 12:00 CET.

 Step 2) I'll pick randomly the winners and congratulate them!...


 For 3D-HUBS members there is a special discount (15%).
 Just go to http://www.3dprintingevent.com/registration-special  to get the discount.


So.. be quick and go for the free tickets.

Hope to see you at the event in Eindhoven on the 21 and the 22 of October here in Eindhoven.

Keep wachting this channel.

Enjoy the weekend, Cheers,

 (on behalf of 3D-Hubs Eindhoven)



Zijn er mensen die foto's gemaakt hebben van de 3D hub avond op Objexlab op Fontys Hogescholen

Het lijk me leuk om  aan betreffende beheerders te laten zien, dus mocht je nog foto's hebben dan kun je ze sturen naar m.rudolph@fontys.nl




Enthusiasts, Fan's,

Just a quick reminder for those wanting to see how 3D-printing is actually used business-wise. See how small-medium businesses are using 3D-printing to stand out, innovate and creating their own Future.


See you there, Cheers,



For all those who have access to Netflix, the documentary about 3D printing "Print the legend" is now also available in the netherlands. Use the search menu to locate it, because I couldn't find it under documentaries.




Enthusiasts, Fan's,

Just a short update from 3D-printing in Eindhoven.

1) 3D-printing in the media

Recently in Tegenlicht (NL)

"De nieuwe makers - Dalende kosten van materialen en de beschikbaarheid van informatie zorgen ervoor dat iedereen zijn eigen fabrikant kan worden. Is dit de start van een nieuwe industriële revolutie?"

Check: http://tegenlicht.vpro.nl/afleveringen/2014-2015/de-nieuwe-makers.html
On BNR (radio)

Check http://www.bnr.nl/?player=archief&fragment=2014092307470012600

2) Haloween is on it's way..

For all your creative minds. Be aware..    Haloween is happing, be prepared.

Check http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:174576

3) [RECOMMENDED] Special attention - Cura for the Advanced.

This Friday (26th) in Breda

Check http://www.meetup.com/3DHubs-Breda/events/208754622/

4) Agenda:

October, 1-2 Regio Business Dagen - Eindhoven, stand 200:  CreaDsign (3D-printing)

Check www.regiobusinessdagen.nl/nl/deelnemerslijst/creadsign-we-visualize-your...

October, 9th 123D Producties  - Visie op 3D-toekomst in de bouw 13:00-17:00 Zeer interessante sprekers! (oa. Autodesk’s Hilde Sevens!)

Check www.123dproducties.nl

October, 12th SCALE MODEL CHALLENGE 2014, Koningshof, Veldhoven

Check www.scalemodelfactory.nl

October, 16th 3D-Hubs meetup

October, 26th Hobbymarkt, Crafts, Creative, including mini-workshops.

Check www.depracht.nl/volwassenen/beurzen/hobbymarkt.php

October, 26-28 Dutch Design week Mr. Bas Luiten needs some bits printed.

Enjoy printing! - have a nice evening!...

Keep wachting this channel.




Enthusiasts, Fan's,

As promised, here you can find the presentation from the September meetup.
(including the updated agenda)

Link: http://tinyurl.com/nxc2js6

Stay tuned, Cheers,



1. parkeren
   - grote parkeerplaats op de Deken van somerenstraat (tegenover brandweer)
   - binnen parkeerplaats grote berg (bij Juffouw Tok) is het goedkoopst
   Note:  betaald parkeren tot 21:00.

2. optioneel: ter gelegenheid van de opening van Lay3rs store; een 3D-geprint kleinigheid wordt op prijs gesteld.

3. Deel je successen..
Er is weer een foto-album voor deze maand. Als je iets wilt delen graag je foto's toevoegen zodat je er doorheen kunnen bladeren.
Album:  http://www.meetup.com/3dhubs-eindhoven/photos/23973542/

En, zoals altijd, neem gerust je eigen printer mee.


Alvast bedankt, en tot donderdagavond, groeten,


Names 3D-Hubs, Eindhoven.


3D-printing in NL, Eindhoven, everything you want to know about 3D-printing..(with LIVE demos)

Thursday (August 21st) at Lay3rs Store, Grote Berg 60, Eindhoven, sharing knowledge and experience, audience: people who are just curious about 3D-printing and the experienced. Open meeting. (19:00 - 22:00), organised by 3DHubs; details:   http://www.3dhubs.com/eindhoven/events/get-together-share-hintstips-and-...


Hi all,

I just joined this community because I am fascinated with 3D printing and because I would like to have a model printed. It's a 36x41x5 mm part that I need for repairing a baby buggy. I collegua of mine printed it for me from PLA but after measuring, it is not according to the drawing and it doesn't fit the baby buggy. Since the tolerances are quite important, I would like to know what is meant by 'high' and 'medium' resolution. If I know how much the printed parts typically deviate from the drawing for both 'medium' and 'high', I can adjust the drawing so it will always fit...

Thanks in advance for your response,



Thursday (July 17th) here in #Eindhoven, sharing knowledge and experience, audience: people who are just curious about 3D-printing and the experienced. Open meeting. (19:00 - 21:30), 
IMPORTANT!    Location: new office of www.vanalleswatontwerp.nl

Special Guest from Autodesk - it's all about innovative 3D-designing! 

...looking forward to it!....


Beste Rein,

Als je even een foto van het kapotte deeltje en eventueel waar het hoort te zitten op de machine,naar mijn hub stuurt dan kijk ik er meteen even naar.


JDe's Hub, Eindhoven.

s Hub


Hallo, ik heb hier een kapot plastic deeltje van een machine. Ik vraag me af of ik dit onderdeel 3d kan laten scannen en daarna kan laten printen. Ook, als het bovenstaande mogelijk is, zou ik graag de kosten willen weten. Het onderdeel is van plastic en ca. 2x3x4cm. Ik kan even een foto sturen.


Groeten, Rein


This time 2 interesting speakers:

- Mr. Sohrab Yaqut:  reusing filaments
- Mr. Bas Luiting: BB BRICKS

And, as usual, plenty of networking time...

See you the 19th in Eindhoven!..




Hi LW, many options - but you can take a look at tinkercad.com. Otherwise, contact me by email eindhoven@3dhubs.com


Hi, i'm want to make a starshaped shaft-extension 9*9*20 mm. how to start?


3D-printing activities are booming.. (at least, here in Eindhoven, The Netherlands)


I am exited what i will see there.

So cool that Eindhoven is still the 4th largest 3D Print community, worldwide! Awesome!

Welcome to 3D-Hubs - Eindhoven.

The Eindhoven region is also called "The Silicon Valley of 3D-printing".

Started in May 2013 the 3D-Hubs Eindhoven was one of the first cities. The 3D-printing community has grown fast since then. The group here is quite diverse; many types of printers and materials are available.

The members are not only printing orders, but also testing and experimenting with new materials and solutions: ...True innovation in action....

As a group we come together once a month to exchange Knowledge and share Hints and Tips. This, in combination with the innovative character of the Eindhoven region, is a recipe for fast and high quality 3D-printing. It all shows that 3D-printing is really alive in this region.

Welcome in the World of 3D-printing @ 3DHubs Eindhoven.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

All the Best, Cheers,

Robert Vissers