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Somos una tienda dedicada a la comercialización de bobinas de filamento para impresoras 3D.

Nos hemos puesto en contacto con usted/es porque creemos que pueden estar interesados en adoptar esos consumibles a buen precio, alta calidad de los materiales y rápida disponibilidad.

Precios, todo incluido:

  • 1Kg ABS Premium 1,75/3mm: 18,45€ + 5,4€ (envío 24h) = 23,85€
  • 1Kg PLA Premium 1,75/3mm: 19,65€ + 5,4€ (envío 24h) = 25,05€

* El envío de cada bobina adicional incluida en el mismo pedido es de tan solo 1€.

 (Los precios están sujetos a una promoción con descuento del 5%)

Le animamos a que visite nuestra tienda y consulte nuestro variado abanico de colores accediendo a través del siguiente enlace: http://stores.ebay.es/Chupacabras3D

Síguenos para estar al caso de nuestras promociones:


Hey @4kerryg try these two ways:

- click on you nearest hubs -> view -> contact this hub

- 3dhubs.com/3dprint -> select the printer who'd like -> view hub profile -> contact this hub

Hope it helps!



Hey all...I need help to rent a 3D printer on site at a technology event at the Pullman Skipper Hotel in Barcelona, Spain on Nov. 6th. I would like to set up the printer on the evening of Nov. 5th and it can be picked up at 6pm on Nov. 6th. I have a budget of $1,000 to rent for that 24-hour period. Can someone please help me?


Hi, I strongly recommend an SLS printed case, we have several working and you can also dye it:


You can order it in our hub.

In Spain you can find a polyjet machine with rubber material in Asturias, Prodintec.


I had a case made for my new Fairphone in a 3D Hub. Unfortunately since it's hard plastic, it slides around a lot in my hand and on all surfaces. On my old iPhone3 I used to have a flexible rubber case (with a tyre-tread pattern) that had two advantages, 1) it would absorb impacts when dropped, and 2) it had a slightly sticky surface meaning it would not slide at all on almost any surface.

I found this page on the web: http://www.stratasys.com/materials/polyjet/rubber-like

Does anyone in Barcelona have the facility to print with a material like this?