Trend Report June

This trend report provides provides a unique perspective on the current state of the 3D printing industry. Learn what the most popular printers, manufacturers and materials are. The report is based on the data from our 3D Hubs community with well over 5000 printer listings and thousands of 3D print jobs.

You can find the previous May, April, February, January, December and November releases in the archive.

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pngTop 15 Print Quality Ratings (NEW)

Note: these are the top 15 rated printers out of 150 printer models listed on our platform

Insights: Print Quality Ratings

This month we’ve made a new addition to our Trend Report: print quality ratings. Now that our platform is generating a vast amount of orders and therefore reviews being accompanied by it, we can make a meaningful point about the print quality of the 3D printers on our network. Above you can see the average quality ratings given per printer model only made by customers who completed an order.

Not surprisingly, an SLA printer, the Form 1, comes in first being well known for creating quality prints. The number 2 and 3 position both go to a professional grade printer: the Projet 660 and the Zcorp made by 3D Systems. Furthermore, the highest ranked FDM printer position goes to the Replicator 5th generation.

A notable contender in the list is the Up! Mini, which at 600 US$ is one of the cheapest models in the list, but apparently not an inferior product. The MendelMax, a true RepRap printer at 11 is another surprise. In skilled hands RepRaps can deliver state of the art prints but since they are assembled of a variety of low-cost parts, they are not known for their constant quality. The MendelMax proves the contrary can be true. Contrary to our expectations, the Zortrax M200, of which we already were very positively surprised by its high quality as of last April, comes in at just position 9.

Note: high quality is in this case not the same as high resolution. The quality rating takes the max. resolution of a printer into account.
Only printers with more than 10 reviews are included in these statistics.

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pngTrending Printers

Insights: Trending Printers

A new printer has entered the ranks of the trending printers, the Felix 3.0. This printer is very popular amongst educational institutions due to its low maintenance, ease of use and high quality prints. The printer has shown significant growth and moved from out of the scope of our top 30 into the top tier. Coming in hot is the 5th generation of Makerbot’s Replicator. It took a few months before it became visible in our charts but we don't expect to see this one leaving the top 10 any time soon.

Another peculiar trend is on the rise of Rep Rap printers. The K8200, 3DRAG, Printrbot and MendelMax, are all affordable RepRaps with the last one even making it into the top 15 of Print Quality Ratings.

Note: only printers with a quantity of 30+ on our platform are included in these statistics.

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pngTop Print Cities (NEW)

Insights: Top Print Cities

Newly added this month are the top print cities. The table above shows where the 3D printing hotspots are across the world and where most Hubs (3D Printers) are located at the time of writing. Milan is currently number 1, but looking at New York's rapid growth we expect this to change very soon.
pngPrinter Model Distribution

Insights: Printer Model Distribution

The replicator 2X has overtaken the RepRap after adding 40 printers to the platform last month. The other printers are moving steadily in the same direction as last month, but the Ultimaker 2's rapid growth of the last months seems to grinding to a halt, remaining at number 6. With the Replicator 5th gen still in the lower regions, we expect it to move up to the top 10 in the months to come.

The Airwolf HD and the Perfactory Micro HiRes have now both shown up on our platform. The first one known for its impressive build volume and Dutch background. The latter one specifically tailored towards producing high quality jewelry.

pngPrinter Manufacturer Distribution

Insights: Printer Manufacturer Distribution

Stratasys is holding on firmly to its position as leading manufacturer on our platform, with RepRaps and Ultimakers following. Printrbot increased 16,7% and Leapfrog with 9,3% reaffirming their position as 6th and 7th largest manufacturer.

Note: RepRap is not a manufacturer but has been treated as such in this chart

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pngPopular Printers by Region

Insights: Popular Printers by Region

North America has seen a drop in Replicator and Form 1 and a rise in Solidoodle and Printrbot popularity.The Replicator 2 and 2X do not show any sign of giving up their top position in their region of origin and will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Ultimaker’s homefront, Europe, still shows a high favorability for the Ultimaker 1. The Ultimaker 2 is gaining ground slowly, but still has a long way to go.

The Asia pacific region's top 5 are reinforcing their position even further, with an accumulated market share rising from 34,08% to 37,96% in a month's time.

South America still shows a strong liking towards RepRap based DIY printers on one hand and the American Makerbot on the other hand.
pngPrinter Listings

Insights: International Growth

As previously predicted our platform recently has reached the milestone of 5000 Hubs giving 750 million people access to local 3D printing. Read this blogpost for more information. The grand total is now at 5321, with an upwards curve over the last weeks indicating an ever increasing growth.
pngPopular Print Categories

Average order price per category

Insights: Average order value per category

Some very notable changes took place in the popular print category. The average order value of the Scale Model section went up from 61.5 to 65.4 and the prototype from 45.9 to 48.3 of which a notable example was featured in a recent Maker Tale.

Insights: Popular Print Categories

The Hobby/DIY and Prototype prints make up over half of the total prints with a combined share of 55,1% compared to last months 60,1%. A recent rise in prototype prints for college students taking their finals can be partly held accountable for this change. The gadget and scale model category have both undergone small rises of relatively 2,5% points and 1,1% points
pngColor Distribution

Insights: Color Distribution

The most popular colors printed still belong to White, Black, Red & Blue and account for 70% of the total orders. However, changes at the long tail of the color distribution have been made with a notable change in the color Grey as it has moved from 5,4% to 6,9%.
pngMaterial Availability

Insights: Materials

PLA and ABS have once more ended up in the top position of our trend report, supporting their presence at a total of 70%. Although not very clearly visible, the materials Nylon, Wood, FlexPLA and Resin increased 8,9% on average, indicating a rising interest in exotic materials. Although PLA and ABS will continue to be the leading materials for the time to come, we expect a rapidly increasing variation in these exotic materials and a further increase of new high-end materials like Bronze coming out recently.

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png3D Printing Map of the World

Insights: 3D Printing Map of the World

We are now well on our way to reach 6000 printers on our platform. The above map represents the spread of our printers, which are largely based in the US and Europe. For the United States the east coast and part of the midwest have seen a high increase in coverage by our 3D printers (Hubs). For South America, Rio de Janeiro (more spots to print World Cup SambaCans), Buenos Aires and Montevideo are shining brighter then ever. Notable increases are also seen in India, China and Australia.