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8.8 / 10
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The CraftBot is a low-cost FDM printer, with a relatively large 25 x 20 x 20 cm build volume. It prints with PLA, ABS and HIPS materials with a maximum resolution of 100 microns. The printer’s design is rather clean with a cut steel frame, see-through side panels and a user interface sporting a 2.8 inch color touchscreen. The printer ships with the proprietary CraftWare slicer software, providing detailed layer-by-layer visualization.

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8.8 / 10
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Build quality
Build volume
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No dual extruder


Printer type 
Build volume 
25 x 20 x 20 cm
Min layer height 
100 microns
Max layer height 
300 microns
Extruder Head 
XY precision 
10 microns
Printing speed 
50-200 mm/s
Open source 
Can you use 3rd party material? 
Heated platform 
Filament Diameter 
Owner Reviews 
8.8 / 10

Has a strong metal body and a large heated build platform. It has an awesome touchscreen and USB flash drive file transfer.

7.6 / 10

It gives good results and feels just like an Ultimaker despite the price being less than half. I've unfortunately had some problems with a gear that got worn out and a hotend that was clogged. The hotend is quite easy to screw apart and clean, but I had trouble finding a replacement gear.

9.6 / 10


9.6 / 10

Exceptional build quality combined with ease of use.

8.4 / 10

Great printer. Firmware can be perfected (acceleration handling)

6.0 / 10

I got the craftbot based on its statement that I can print with ABS. It falls far short of that ability.

10.0 / 10

The CraftBot (PLUS) is very well build, comes with an excellent slicer (CraftWare), is reliable and easy to use. It has a huge build volume (250*200*200mm), a heated bed, a LCD touchscreen and can operate stand alone. It can print with PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, WoodLay and Nylon. It's cheap enough to get two CraftBots running ;-) It's available in 6 colors!

9.4 / 10

Very nice printer. Backed through Indiegogo: great community, great printer and great team!

7.9 / 10

Craftbot is very good printer for people who want's to start their adventure with 3d print.

9.2 / 10

Very nice, solid and good looking printer. It is reliable and easy to use. Once you calibrate the build platform you are good to go!

8.2 / 10

I really like the CraftBot, its been a great started printer, although the heated bed does not reach the temperatures advertised.

8.8 / 10

Stable and predictable printing on PLA, and a feature in the shop

8.7 / 10

An awesome 3D printer, wich gives you a great value for your money! I would recommend it to anyone.

9.2 / 10

The craftbot is a excellent printer for everyone it's is cheap and very good printer for the price.

8.7 / 10

An amazing machine which simply prints and prints with no end. In case of needed support, CraftUnique is amazing as well, or else, the community is great at helping out! Love it!

8.9 / 10

Plug and Play, you can use any material and the printer is precise.

9.6 / 10

I love my Craftbot+ so much I bought another one recently. Its really a great printer for under $1000, although you will be waiting a couple months to receive it because the people at CraftUnique are just starting as a company. I can upgrade to duel extruder in the future when the release the upgrade kit and the CU team made their own slicer called Craftware which is my favorite slicer, it lets you visually see each toolpath in 3D and it represents the real life model perfectly. I have never needed to use any other slicer.

9.6 / 10

Cheap still really well done, affordable, easy to use.

8.9 / 10

As the company, software, and printer are still relatively new, there have been some bugs with the printer and software, but I have full confidence that these bugs will be resolved and CraftBot will be on of the best values for consumer grade 3D printers. I have had good prints and some not-so-good prints, but I'm always tweaking settings to get the best prints possible, which, when done correctly, come out surprisingly good.