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8.6 / 10
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This machine originates from a RepRap project and uses a Delta construction to 3D print. It ships with an auto-leveling build platform and prints at a resolution of 30 microns. The project is open source and many custom upgrades can be found online.

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8.6 / 10
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Open source
Open source
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Build volume 
26 x 26 x 27.5 cm
Min layer height 
30 microns
Extruder Head 
Printing speed 
320 mm/s
Open source 
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Heated platform 
On-printer controls 
Owner Reviews 
9.5 / 10

Best 3D printer i have used and high build quality

8.3 / 10

Great printer, but it takes a lot of calibration work to get high quality and accurate sizing. Most failed prints are due to warping, so it's not a Kossel-specific problem.

7.4 / 10

I Don't like printed parts in the construction. Even the highest quality are not good enough.

9.0 / 10

Nice designed fast and cheap 3d printer. Need some configuration but on that way the learningcurve is high.

8.6 / 10

Great Machine for the cost, but not for the average joe

4.3 / 10

Can take hundreds of hours to prepare to work, and even then has hundreds of small bugs, errors, and faults

9.4 / 10

Ultibots' Kossel 250 V-Slot may be in "beta", but it is a fantastic piece of hardware. That, plus the unmatched service and support their company gives makes this printer easy to recommend.

9.1 / 10

My Kossel was hand build going along with the basic Delta Printer concept. Since assembling my K8200 and learned as much from a Cartesian type 3D Printer I wanted to explore Delta type 3D Printers and this printer filled all my needs.

9.1 / 10

Best price performance ratio by far. However, I built this printer from scratch, so some of the questions to not apply

9.7 / 10

One of the best printers i have build so far. Extreme fine print outs, monstrous printing speed and travel speed.

5.9 / 10

The amount of tinkering required to make the Kossel produce decent quality prints has been much greater than expected.

5.3 / 10

It's a fun machine to play with. However it's reliability and portability are an issue.

8.7 / 10

I think in DIY I find kossel as the very good design and easiest to build. Its quality and speed is comparable with any commercial FDM printer. A little hard to calibrate though and have few downsides which are common among most FDM.

8.0 / 10

I built my Kossel 2020 for $345.00 and a few tools. The hardware is sound and can be manipulated as I see fit with novel engineering concepts as they are released into the open source world. The software however is straight up rocket science. I am not a coder, and it took me twice as long to understand the arduino coding as it did to build the actual printer.

9.7 / 10

We was start to build a Kossel printer because was open and affordable .

9.6 / 10

Kossel is good for Speed and precision,volume and quality,cheaper in materials ,Less neaded, Smaller than the others with same spec's. The machine is not for the Dummie's ,Like every printer. For selfmade,skill level; Handworker that can repair his coffeemachine from the '90s.

9.1 / 10

It is an elegant, higher performance and more modern design.

8.2 / 10

Great machine, love the build style. Could improve on the heated head, frame needs to be more rigid and something different done with the ball joints on the print head plate. Other then that it's a great machine, love the design and quality