1. 3D printing
  2. Composites

3D printing composites

A wide variety of materials reinforced with fibers or particles, resulting in parts with improved mechanical & thermal performance and a unique appearance.

Carbon filled

3D printing material filled with carbon fibers or graphite, resulting in parts with improved strength and excellent temperature resistance.

Carbon-fiber reinforced

3D printed parts reinforced with continuous carbon fibers for high stiffness and excellent weight-to-strength ratio.

Aluminum filled

Aluminum-filled SLS nylon materials that have a metallic appearance with improved stiffness and machinability.

Kevlar-fiber reinforced

3D printed parts reinforced with continuous Kevlar fibers for excellent abrasion and impact resistance.


PLA filaments filled with wood, bamboo, cork or plant-based materials resulting in parts with a unique wood-like appearance.


PLA filaments filled with steel, copper, bronze or other metals that have a metallic surface finish.

Mineral filled

3D printing in these SLS mineral-filled thermoplastic materials will results in parts with higher stiffness, thermal stability and density.

Glass filled

Glass-filled thermoplastic materials with high stiffness and improved thermal and abrasion resistance.

Fiberglass reinforced

3D printed parts reinforced with continuous glass fibers for high strength and excellent heat resistance.

Ceramic filled

SLA/DLP resins reinforced with ceramic nano-particles for extremely rigid parts with excellent thermal and abrasion resistance.