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Nickel alloy
3D printing

Super alloy used in extreme environments, aerospace applications.

Nickel alloys (Ni) have excellent strength and fatigue resistance. Can be used permanently at temperatures above 600°C.
Print with Nickel alloy

DMLS/SLM Nickel alloy Materials

DMLS/SLM produce high performance, end-use metal 3D printed parts for industrial applications in aerospace, automotive and medical.

Benefits and Limitations

Excellent mechanical properties
Can produce complex geometries

High Cost


Price $$$$$ Tolerance ± 0.1 mm
Turnaround time < 10 days Wall thickness 0.4 mm
Max part size 50 x 28 x 36 cm Layer height 20 – 50 μm


Inconel (DMLS/SLM) is a metal super-alloy with excellent tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength, ideal for high-temperature applications.

Material family

Nickel alloy

Nickel Alloys (DMLS/SLM) are metal super-alloys with extreme heat and corrosion resistance.

Material family