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3D Hubs becomes first online platform to bring HP’s new 3D printing technology to market

Written by George Fisher-Wilson



3D Hubs is the first online platform to bring HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology to market. Using a network of HP Multi Jet Fusion Hubs based in Europe and North America, the new technology becomes locally accessible to designers and engineers.

The first material available will be PA 12 (Nylon) in Grey and Black. As more materials, various detailing agents and new colors are released, 3D Hubs will continue to update accordingly. The partnering service providers helping bring Multi Jet Fusion Technology to 3D Hubs include: Kurz (Germany), My3DPart (France), 3iD (Belgium) and Go Proto (USA).

The benefits of Multi Jet Fusion technology over traditional sintering technology include higher reusability of powder, faster printing times, and increased part strength thanks to HP’s proprietary fusing agent.


CEO of 3D Hubs, Bram de Zwart, expressed his excitement about the launch:

“At 3D Hubs we’re proud to be the first online platform to provide access to this new technology, giving designers and engineers a chance to try this new technology for themselves. This launch is in line with our core goal at 3D Hubs of providing accessibility to the latest technologies and newest materials available in 3D printing”.

To give users a chance to try out this new technology for themselves, 3D Hubs will be offering 10% off all HP orders till July 6th, using discount code: 3DHUBSMJF (apply once your order is submitted)

Use this link to quickly navigate to your local HP Hub to make an order. For people that don’t have a design ready for testing, 3D Hubs has created this link that pre-populates a Marvin in your cart.


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