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Adjusted lead times from January 10th to February 10th

Written by Tess Roberts



Chinese New Year is coming up and will affect the lead times for our CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication services.

Thanks to our global network of manufacturing partners, we'll still be able to provide capacity throughout the Chinese New Year period. However, we will have reduced capacity from January 10th until February 20th.

Local capacity will remain available but is expected to be in high-demand, increasing lead-times and pricing for custom parts.

From January 10th, we are adding 5 days to our usual lead times for CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication, as well as introducing a new economy option.

The table below summarises the lead time changes:

Normal lead time Lead time from Jan. 10th until Feb. 10th
Express 5 business days 20 business days
Expedited 10 business days 25 business days
Standard 15 business days 30 business days

As of February 10th, our pricing and lead times will be back to normal.