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Introducing the founding group of 3D Hubs Culture Ambassadors

Written by Georgie King



It’s no secret that as a company we pride ourselves on the culture that we’ve built and continue to grow. In the past 12 months, 3D Hubs has grown from 50 people and 1 office in Amsterdam to a whopping 130 people across 4 offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Chicago! As we grow, we want to ensure we preserve our culture in a way that doesn’t take away from who we are as a company.

History shows that once companies hit 100 plus, their culture changes and often not for the better. Culture has become known as a highly critical ingredient to the success of a company - with more and more people looking for a culture fit sometimes more than a salary.

As we grow we believe it’s so important to nurture and grow our culture, not just from a top down perspective, but rather within our teams and make sure everyone in the company feels represented in our culture.

The group was chosen following a company wide survey asking for nominations of colleagues who personify 3D Hubs’ 6 cultural values.

- We are all pragmatic makers.
- We own our projects till they’re done.
- We’re all students and teachers.
- Our processes allow us to move faster.

- We create the winning user experience.
- Be honest. Be humble.

The team will act in an advisory role to represent their teams and the employee group. Each quarter there will be targets for projects and initiatives that are important to fostering culture in the company. They will be involved in the hiring process for all new employees and meeting bi-weekly to discuss culture and how best to engage our employees.

Therefore, we’re very proud to announce our founding group of Culture Ambassadors!

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