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3D Hubs: Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2020

Written by Georgie King



Last week in our Amsterdam office we hosted our first internal Diversity & Inclusion Summit - the beginning of a series of programs and initiatives aimed at increasing our team’s knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusion and its importance in our workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion in recent years has gained a lot of attention, specifically in business and within companies. There are numerous studies that highlight the importance and the benefits of having a vastly diverse workforce and an environment in which everyone is valued and feels a true sense of belonging - from better peer-to-peer relationships, company innovation over to more employee productivity, engagement and retention.

For us at 3D Hubs, it is important that everyone can thrive and show their full selves at work which is why we decided to hold a series of workshops and presentations around topics that foster an inclusive workplace - that not only produces innovation, but results in happier and healthier teams. We welcomed guests and speakers from a range of backgrounds and companies (e.g., Uber, Castor & TedX), who gave inspiring talks into topics such as cross-cultural communications, unconscious bias, inclusive hiring and leadership.

3D Hubs Diversity & Inclusion Summit recap

A big thank you to our speakers!

We’d like to thank our speakers who joined us and gave us incredible insight into a range of different topics. Check out our speakers here:

Speaker Title Talk
Eva Baluchova Recruitment Lead at Publitas and true Introvert advocate Understanding Introverts
Yulia Bondar Sr. Tech & Product Recruiter at Castor Introduction to Cross-cultural communications
Milo Convery Chair of B.Proud - the LGBT+ employee network of B.Proud - How transforms experiences of LGBT+ employees in their workplace
Marieke Visser Founder of The Female Trail Gender Equality in the workplace
Bas van de Haterd Professional snoop and public D&I speaker. Founder of Digitaal Werven and Co-Founder of Talent Acquisition Live. Introduction to Unconscious Bias
Rodrigo Teixeira EMEA & APAC Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Uber Uber's Diversity & Inclusion journey
Bernice Feller-Thijm Inclusion Strategist and Team Performance Coach, ex TedX Director of Operations "Inclusive Leadership - From Top to Bottom"