Our YouTube series “How to Master 3D printing” is based on The 3D Printing Handbook. The second episode is now live covering the most important things to consider when designing parts for SLA.

From this episode, you will quickly learn the main advantages of SLA and when to use it over other 3D printing technologies. You will also in detail understand how to use support materials for SLA, how to best orient the part during printing, and how to avoid warping or curling.

You will also learn more about the following:

  • How SLA printers works
  • The main difference between DLP and SLA
  • How to use hollow sections
  • Post-processing for SLA
  • The most common SLA applications

In the next episode, we will be talking about SLS 3D Printing. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get a notification when it’s live. Stay tuned!

If you want to get deeper into the details of SLA 3D printing, and other 3D printing technologies, check out our 3D Printing Guide.