The very first episode of our brand new YouTube series “What is 3D Printing?” - a series based on The 3D Printing Handbook - was just released. In this video, you will learn all you need to know about quick and cost-effective prototyping with FDM 3D printing.

The ‘What is 3D Printing’ series is based on The 3D Printing Handbook and is, like the book, created for designers and engineers to quickly learn how to master the key aspects of 3D printing. The different episodes will cover all the main technologies of 3D printing like for example SLA, SLS, and Binder Jetting. From the series, you’ll learn practical advice on how to select the right 3d printing technology for your parts as well as tips on how to optimize your design for each technology.

The first episode focuses on FDM 3D printing and teaches you everything you need to know to master quick prototyping. From watching this video you’ll, for example, learn  the following:

  • The main advantages of FDM, how it’s part of the material extrusion category of 3D printing and why the technology has two names (FFF vs. FDM).
  • How an FDM printer works and it’s main components.
  • The main characteristics of FDM: layers, infill percentage, and support material, and how they affect the performance of your part.
  • The different FDM materials, their characteristics and when to use them.
  • Post-processing for FDM
  • The latest developments in FDM

Check out the video below and start prototyping like a pro today!

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