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CNC machining

High machinability and ductility, good strength-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum alloys have good strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low density and natural corrosion resistance. Can be anodized.
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Aluminum 6061

Aluminum 6061 (CNC) is the most popular aluminum alloy. It has good strength-to-weight ratio, excellent machinability and natural corrosion resistance.

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Aluminum 7075

Aluminum 7075 (CNC) is an aerospace-grade material with excellent strength-to-weight ratio and strength and hardness comparable to steels.

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Aluminum 5083

Aluminum 5083 (CNC) is a strain hardening aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for marine applications. Can be welded.

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Aluminum 6082

Aluminum 6082 (CNC) has very similar composition and properties to 6061, with slightly higher tensile strength. Compliant with British Standards.

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