1. CNC machining
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CNC machining properties

A wide range of specialized materials with properties specifically tailored to meet the demands of almost any engineering application.

Corrosion resistant

Metals with a natural protection from corrosion, oxidation and seawater.

Chemical resistant

Metals and plastics that are resistant to most solvents, bases, acids or other harsh environments.

High hardness

Metals with hardness > 300 HB (> 32 HRC). Ideal for applications that demand excellent wear resistance.

High strength

Materials with tensile strength > 550 MPa for metals and > 100 MPa for plastics. Suitable for the most demanding engineering applications.

Heat resistant

Materials with a continuous service temperature above 500°C for metals and 100°C for plastics.

Weather resistant

Pastics with good UV and moisture resistance, suitable for outdoor applications and exposure to the elements.


Ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are (essentially) non-magnetic.