Make it HD

High Definition local 3D Printing

How 3D Hubs HD works

At 3D Hubs, we've learned how inaccessible industrial 3D printing can be – including long delivery times, support teams that don’t understand your needs and unaffordable pricing. This is why we've launched 3D Hubs HD; to cure your prototyping headaches.

With 3D Hubs HD, we’re taking the quality of industrial 3D printing and making it locally accessible. The high quality of industrial machines paired with the local aspect and ease of use of 3D Hubs is creating a new way of making things. All Hubs that offer HD parts are certified by us first to ensure that your toughest demands are met.

What makes it HD?

Industrial Quality

HD parts are made on industrial machines, ensuring optimal and consistent quality


At least 80% of all the HD Hub reviews need to be a full 5-star rating


Discuss the finer points of your print requirements directly with the Hub that knows what you need


HD Hubs will provide unmatched turnaround time for your 3D printing projects

HD Materials

SLS Nylon

3D model printed in SLS Nylon

Rigid Opaque Plastic

3D model printed in Rigid Opaque Plastic

Transparent Plastics

3D model printed in Transparent Plastics

Rubber-Like Plastic

3D model printed in Rubber-Like Plastic

Simulated Polypropylene

3D model printed in Simulated Polypropylene

Simulated ABS

3D model printed in Simulated ABS

Heat Resistant

3D model printed in Heat Resistant

Fiber-Reinforced Nylon

3D model printed in Fiber-Reinforced Nylon

Who’s using 3D Hubs HD?

Portrait of Alan Nguyen

Having a face behind the machine made all the difference. Being able to discuss my print directly with the printer operator meant that I got it right the first time.

Alan Nguyen Logo
Product Designer

The flexibility of the platform enabled easy selection of suitable materials and nearby printers for fast turnaround.

Portrait of Johannes Riegler from Genentech
Johannes Riegler
Postdoctoral Fellow at Genentech

3D Hubs was incredibly helpful. End-to-end, it was a seamless experience, both professional and personal.

Portrait of Omar Rada from Misen Kitchen
Omar Rada
Misen Kitchen