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Fulfilled by 3D Hubs is a feature where customers from selected countries can have 3D Hubs match them with a Hub automatically based on material choice, layer height selection and location.

What is a Manufacturing Partner?

The best performing business Hubs that are preselected to fulfill orders coming in through the "Fulfilled by 3D Hubs" service.

How are Fulfilled by 3D Hubs orders assigned to Manufacturing Partners?

Manufacturing Partners are assigned orders based on:

  • Whether the material, color and layer height selection is available
  • Distance between the Partner and the customer
  • Hub Score
  • Calculated Pricing for that particular customer order
  • Lead time (at later stage)

How to become a Manufacturing Partner?

Your dashboard shows the performance metrics that indicate whether you’re eligible to apply to become a Manufacturing Partner.

Meeting the minimum requirements (Yellow) will mean you’re eligible to apply and will be invited to "Fulfilled by 3D Hubs" dependent on the demand in your area.

Weighted Order Completion Rate: Percentage of the 50 most recent orders which have been successfully completed taking into account the reasons for declining orders.

  • Green : ≥95%
  • Yellow : ≥85%

Average Hub Rating: Average rating of your services given by the 50 most recent customers.

  • Green : ≥4.95
  • Yellow : ≥4.7

Average Order Response Time: Average time to accept or respond to an order. Enquiries are not included.

  • Green : ≤25 minutes
  • Yellow : ≤ 45 minutes

Besides these metrics we do have several other requirements which are explained below:

Additional requirements

Because we’re serving an increasing number of professional customers and want to create a more standardised experience we have additional requirements for Hubs to become part of the "Fulfilled by 3D Hubs" service:

  1. Have a business registration and ability to provide customers with an invoice, something that is needed by many professionals.
  2. European suppliers are additionally required to have a valid VAT number added to their Hub profile
  3. Be able to do technical reviews of orders Mon-Fri during business hours, between at least 10am-5pm (local time), as this is when most professional customers are placing orders.
  4. Comply to the 3D print quality guidelines. Fulfilled by 3D Hubs orders will be sample checked on print quality.
  5. Have Instant Order enabled. For approved 3D models this gives customers a direct confirmation & payment option, leading to a 65% reduction in unpaid orders. Learn more about Instant Order here.
  6. Offer country-wide “Flat rate” shipping, as many customers indicate they want clarity on the shipping costs before they place their order.
  7. Ship orders in 3D Hubs specified packaging to provide a more consistent brand experience and more customers returning to 3D Hubs.
  8. Signing a service level agreement covering confidentiality, quality of service and the topics mentioned above. Business customers have requested these legal agreements to be in place before they can order on 3D Hubs.

Can Hubs be excluded from Fulfilled by 3D Hubs after admission?

Every quarter we will review the performance of the Manufacturing Partners by looking at their metrics and sometimes also by doing print quality tests. If performance is subpar we’ll inform the Hub and indicate what needs to be improved. If the Hub fails to do so they may be excluded from "Fulfilled by 3D Hubs" service.


  • "Fullfilled by 3D Hubs" is a feature that allows customers from selected countries to have 3D Hubs match them with a Manufacturing Partner automatically, based on their preferences.
  • Being a Manufacturing Partner is a great opportunity to receive more orders, typically from higher value customers.
  • To become a Manufacturing Partner, a Hub must be high performing and meet several additional requirements.

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