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3D Print straight from Thingiverse

You can now easily print over 400,000 Thingiverse designs on 3D Hubs


Pick a design on Thingiverse

Choose one of the awesome designs created by Thingiverse Designers


Get it printed on 3D Hubs

Just click "Order This Printed", choose your color and enter your details.


Enjoy your new 3D Print

Your local hub will print your selected design and send it out to you

How to enable printing for your Thingiverse designs.

Enable your designs for printing!

Are you a Thingiverse creator? Enable your designs for printing on 3D Hubs in few simple steps:

  1. 1 Go to Explore > Apps
  2. 2 Select 3D Hubs app from the list
  3. 3 Click on Thing Settings
  4. 4 Choose things to enable for printing