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Invite your colleagues to the 3D Hubs manufacturing platform and unlock rewards when they save a quote.

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Our rewards range from a $30 Amazon voucher to a 1-1 session with our mechanical engineers.

amazon voucher_reward_1
$30 Amazon voucher
1 referral
Handbook sample-sample page
The 3D Printing Handbook
3 referrals
3-axis CNC milling machine in action
1h DfM training with Mechanical Engineer ($500)
7 referrals

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How it works

Unlock rewards once your colleagues save quotes on the 3D Hubs platform.

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Step 1
Share your referral link
Log in to your 3D Hubs account and share your referral link. If you're already logged in, you should see your unique link above.
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Step 2
Colleague gets instant quote
Your colleague will be directed to our quoting tool, where they can upload a CAD file and instantly get a CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding or sheet metal fabrication quote.
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Step 3
Colleague saves their quote
Claim the following rewards once your colleagues save their quotes:

  • Amazon $30 USD voucher (1 referral)
  • The 3D Printing Handbook (3 referrals)
  • Exclusive DfM training (7 referrals)

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