I have a flashforge creator pro that I bought recently, and it had been producing really weirdly bad prints and I couldn't understand why. When I bought a second spool of filament and loaded it in the right nozzle (I default to left) I discovered why: both nozzles are printing at the same time! This results in doubles of whatever I am printing, often overlapping each other.
I have a problem with the first layer not adhering to the bed correctly. I typically use a brim, and it almost never lays down correctly. I thought it was a moisture problem with my filament, but I just cracked open a new roll and I'm still having the same issue. Unless I print a really large print, I can't get it to stick. I've releveled many times. 
 Hello, Fairly new to 3-D printing. I have printed with PLA very successfully but not so much with ABS. I have heard that some of the polycarbonate blends print much better than ABS, but I don’t know if the creator pro can print polycarbonate right out of the box due to the higher temperatures. Does anybody have any experience With this?
Hi, I am new to 3D printing so apologies if this is an obvious or well known issue.  I printed a dozen simple cookie cutters last night only to wake and find that 90% of them were slumped.  Could this be because I didn't remove them as soon as they had finished printing and the bed hasn't cooled down so they continued to be hot and therefore loose shape.   Thanks in advance for advice.
This is my first 3d Printer, I got it used and am having a blast printing all the things I can think of. I have ran into one "problem" though. I recently have been hearing this clicking noise, only when moving on the z axis. When off and I manually slide, it will also do the clicking. I can't really tell where it is coming from?
I have a FlashForge Dual Extruder Creator X. I only get a maximum of 2 layers printed before the piece peels off the plate. With some temperature settings sometimes it doesn't even complete the first layer. I'm using PLA with the High Temperature Resistant Kapton Tape. I've tried many different temperatures for the plate and the extruders with the same failed result.  
Hi Everyone, I’m collecting information / personal experience regarding how frequently you need to perform bed leveling. I personally have to do it daily, and after every long print of more than 5 hours. My print results after bed leveling are awesome, however if I don’t refresh the bed leveling, I will have issues with skirt and first layer adhesion. I communicated this to Mr.
hi Everyone,   We are part of a space tourism R&D team called OUI | LAB Last year we launched the Spaceliner passenger seat. We showed the final product at the ESA & Deutsche Luft und Raumfahrt Agency Space Conference. The agency's core team is still small, the access still restricted to outsiders, but a consistently growing interest in OUI | LAB's design and technical output.  
Hi,   I am Joseph Cloutier, people also call me Player03. I am the creator of run game series. The latest version is Run 3. (If you don't know my game (Run 3), you can check it here!) My idea is to create a 3D alien character. I would like to get your opinions to provide a cool character to players in next version Run 4. Every ideas are appreciated!   Thank all!    
Hi guys, I have an idea about clay printer, and try it at home. I find the clay is fun and cheap because I can reuse the material :>   But I find a Kickstart project named CLAYXYZ, it combines reusable material & ceramic to one machine when I search the internet. I was so excited, someone has built a great machine. The cool thing is the printing artwork is sooo coool, have a look.