Hello everyone! I just finished writing an article with guidelines to help designers and engineers select the right 3D printing process.   I hope this helps you communicate to your customers which process to select! Your feedback is most welcomed! I would actually love to hear your thoughts! > Here's the link: https://www.3dhubs.com/knowledge-base/selecting-right-3d-printing-process  
Hi guys, We (3D Hubs) will host a conference on 3D printing in education, tonight starting from 8pm CET (2pm EST). The event will be available through online streaming at this link: https://dezwijger.nl/programma/reshaping-science   We've put together a pretty epic line up, including:   Vishal Sachdev (Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign - 3D Printing Specialization Coursera) 
Capture of the service fee for an open order I currently have.
I just noticed, that the service fee (should be 12.5%) for my current order is well off the mark.    The order total is 48.33€ and the service fee is 7.31€, leaving me with 41.02€ in hand for this order.    By my calculations, the service fee for the order should only be 6.04€ The current service fee is over 15% of the total.   
I just left $50+ on the table (small change for you maybe)! The customer chose 300 micron white, but asked for 100 micron in the comment. I've printed for him before so I failed to look closely at the order. I know it's my own fault, but the way they choose layer heights mixed in with color is certainly sub-optimal!
This may be a rare occurrence for most hubs but I've had instances where a customer will upload a single file to be quoted but the .stl file will contain multiple parts to print. This can allow the customer to bypass startup costs for different models and the quote will not be accurate.  
Is this happening to you? I have contacted support but no response so far.   My hub is on and active, but I would like to warn that any hubs that have advertising should check their sites quotation generator to see if there experiencing the same thing and pause their advertising immediately.   I do use mine to price out jobs, and then delete them, but I dont think that would affect anything. 
Currently, when a Hub uploads pictures of a print, you have to upload either one view, multiple views in one image (Instagram Layout style), or multiple images of one print. None of these really convey the depth of the prints (they are 3D objects after all), and having multiple images of one print just clumped into one main gallery is sloppy and difficult to navigate through.
I would like to give my customer further options when they place their orders. Basically what I'm thinking of is if there was a way to for each hub to specify extra services that the customers can see when they place their order. This would make checkout faster and let us sell more stuff.   Example: Support Material Removal     Yes/No (Adds $.05/cm to the price)