Hello all, I am renovating my retro metal kitchen cabinets.  One of the small plastic drawer guides cracked during the rehab process.  I have the original pieces and also the cracked piece.  Could someone help me design a drawing so I can have the part 3d printed?  What might something like this cost?       I've attached a photo just to give you a rough idea.  It's about the size of a dime.
Looking to sell Pre-Owned Artec Eva 3D Scanner (Full color versions) Original MSRP $19800.   Lightly Used/ Mint Condition  Asking $15,500   Comes with Pelican hard case (which it will ship in) Necessary cords to run scanner   Please message me for more details. email is visimagingusa (at) gmail (dot) com   Thank you for your time.
Hi guys,   the enclosed images show the inner part of a left shoe. I was asked by a shoemaker, whether I'm able to design/produce the right shoe. The original part is completely broken, but the customer of the shoemaker wants him to try everything to repair his shoes. He came to me and now it's also my problem ;-).   So my questions are
Professional-grade Blue Led 3D scanner for sale, UK (London)   Description   Professional-grade Blue Led 3D scanner (Fringe projection). Less than 5s for a single scan. Equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges, suitable for 3D measurement and inspection including these heavy and large objects. Ideal to 3d scan items from 5mm upto 3/4 metres.   Specification: 
Hi all, I do have a Einscan-SE and do want to convert it to a SP version. The hardware is the same, it is only software specific. Right know i have decrypted the license files and also patched some code in the software. I would need help to get this working. Is anyone here with a SP to help me out? Would need the ini directory and some other files. -eychei