Printed in 22 and 25 minutes
We know a lot of you have been waiting on the feedback for the new B9 Core Series and it's finally here! We are currently running the B9 Core Series 530 and 550 with amazing results and unbelievably fast prints speeds ranging from 40mm/hr-120mm/hr. I have attached some pictures below that were printed in 22-25 minutes.
I'm about to buy my first 3d printer, i'm a cad professional. My question is what is the request in 3d hub for small detailed print like the ones created with resin printers, for example for jewelry or scale models market. It'a good idea to start with a dlp printer?
I've now sent out my parts to be printed on several machines to see how/who to print what parts in the future. The hard part is how to distinguish the machine from the operator in todays market because most machines still lack basic auto-calibration and feedback loops.  Here are my results so far :