Hi! My name is Igor! I would be happy to help anyone who needs to make any 3d model for printing I have a huge sculpting and modeling for printing experience. Anatomy, medicine, characters, and faces are my area of specialization but i also do hard surface stuff, all types of file formats. The prices are at 25-30% lower than market average for this level of quality.
3D and CNC
Name is Obi and I am a student at Binghamton Univ, but I live in NYC. I am studying the sciences here in Bing, but a engineer by hobby. I am here today because I am working on a developing an perennial project for the next generation.But I have very limited access to resources, that will allow me full capabilities. So with proper expertise I am 100% positive I can work towards full development. 
I have a wonderful 3 legged cat that is starting to show some effects from carrying his weight on 3 legs. I saw in some previous posts where individuals designed a 3d print for people to assist with their animals. If I were to provide pictures and measurements could someone help with the actual 3d drawing so I can print at home?
Hello, I'm a struggling inventor in Florida trying to find a mechanical engineer, or student prolific in any software that can create a design based on a human hand. No detail, and no movable parts..... Need file to patent, and print. Doesn't need to be local, and can't have a problem with signing an NDA.  I'm computer illterate  so I think SHOULD BE EASY..... 🤔🤔🤗🤗  
Hello all, I am renovating my retro metal kitchen cabinets.  One of the small plastic drawer guides cracked during the rehab process.  I have the original pieces and also the cracked piece.  Could someone help me design a drawing so I can have the part 3d printed?  What might something like this cost?       I've attached a photo just to give you a rough idea.  It's about the size of a dime.
Hi there I need help making a nose mask with an open and close so I can control the nose mask wirelessly this mask with help many people with disabilities . I need it to help me after my coma. Please contact me at nottryingenough@gmail.com so we can discuss, I wish there was a forum for needs of people with disabilities. Thank you , please reply
Hi guys,   the enclosed images show the inner part of a left shoe. I was asked by a shoemaker, whether I'm able to design/produce the right shoe. The original part is completely broken, but the customer of the shoemaker wants him to try everything to repair his shoes. He came to me and now it's also my problem ;-).   So my questions are