I'm having this problem with the CTC FDM printer I bought from Amazon .  On the menu of the 3D printer, I select build from SD card then "3D Print" and it says just says "exit menu" I've tried wh my FAT32 4GB card and a FAT 2GB card. I am exporting from Makerbot software using the Replicator X2 setting. On the screen it says Internal Release 001 Makerware version 7.4. Then it says CTC Twinmaker.
a board very much like the Anet A8 board
I've been fiddling with this for a couple of days now, and I'm at my wit's end.   I'm trying to upload Marlin onto the controller board of my CTC i3 Pro B. It's a cheap Chinese printer. As far as I can tell, it uses the same board as the Anet A8 (I will attach some pictures of the board). I've been referencing this tutorial on youtube to accomplish this:   ;t=563s  
I have been printing with this CTC DIY printer for some weeks now, but all of a sudden the extruder is rising on the Z axis for no apparent reason, All I am getting is a pretty pattern on the bed. I have also noticed that the LCD panel is reporting that there is for instance 70% finished the work, when in fact, according to the read out, it has only been working for perhaps five minutes.
Hello everyone I have a strange case in hands I bought a CTC Twinmaker to have fun and make some prints, unfortunately the SD card simply doesn't read. If I put the card formated in ntsf or other more recent formats the printer complains and says that I should format in FAT16, when I format in FAT16 the printer doesn't show the files, only shows "exit menu".
Hi, any help appreciated.   I bought a second hand CTC printer, in pieces, but I now have it working and it has been printing tho I have quite a deal of blockages. It is dual stepper but I have it working with one at present to aquaint myself with the machine.   The problem I have at present is the stepper motor no longer works when loading filament.  
I have the SD that came with the printer, but it is not working.  Also, it is all in Chinese. I can't figure out why not of the radio buttons do anything.  Printer is all set up, but no working software.  My file in the SD card is a folder, 3Dsetup, with this non-working file after I install the main folder (software.exe) as I said, none of the radio buttons do anything.
I have a CTC printer used it a while ago and no problems at all.  Not used for some months and now can not get anything finished. always stops between  40% and 70%  The log comes up with connection broken. This in all cases  these are some old and some new programs.  Help would be appreciated.  Regards to all.   Peter