I am using good quality PLA. Nozzle Temp= 215 degrees bed Temp = 50 degrees I printed 3-4 models first few layers were awesome but after reaching for some height nozzle starts skipping some layers  Btw I noticed one more thing in initial layers just for a while my one line printed thin it again automatically came back to earlier size. please suggest me a solution!  
I have printed a solid part in the cr10 5s, with the cura software, I used 71 layers of 0.1mm for a total z print size of 7.1mm, I used top bottom thickness 0.6mm, infill density 100%, print speed 60mm/s, travel speed 120mm/s,printing temperature 195 deg, bed temperature 60 deg, Brim 2mm.  The problem it that it comes with a height of 4.55mm instead of 7.1mm, the dimensions on the x and y are perf
Holes r warped
My cr-10s is printing circles like ovals etc. idk if I need to do some kind of calibration thing to the motors or what. I just got it so idk. Seamed to print fine yesterday then the nozzle ran right into those stupid office clips to hold the glass on and put a hole in the side of the nozzle so I changed that. Not sure if that’s related or not but appriciate any help.
Hello, I am using the stock extruder for CR10S. I am sure the wire from the motherboard to extruder is functional because it works with my other Bondtech extruder, so the problem is most likely with the stock extruder itself: when I go to the printer's menu > prepare > move axis> extruder > + x.xx the gear does not move at all no matter how high millimeter value I set. Barring that the
Shell and top and bottom not solid.
Attached are some photos that i am having issues with. I have printed the test print that came on the printers SD card with success, looked awesome, but this test was pre-sliced. I have since downloaded Cura and have had issues. Every print i do looks as if the bottom, top, and shell are not printing right. You can see right through the pieces.
Having trouble getting inductive sensor to work.I'm not using glass bed.I've fitted the sensor to the 12v supply and stepped down the signal to 4.7v and all should work great but the z-axis doesn't stop when the sensor is triggered.I have the black signal wire connected to signal on the board and it's an npn sensor.please can someone help
I've been wrestling with this problem with my CR-10S with an e3d v6 hotend for quite a while now. The layering is quite inconsistent in the X and Y directions (and appears to be about the same in both).    I've gone through the hardware with a fine-toothed comb, and I am confident my belts are tight, axes are secure, and bolts are snug. I'm less sure about settings.  
I just got my first 3D printer CR10S and there was no sd card in the box.  I have asked the vendor to send one, but it is hard to wait for my first print.  Can anyone supply the files that come on the sd card?  Can I use a blank sd card and get the CURA files from my PC by USB cable?  As you can tell, I am new to this.  Really looking forward to firing up my machine.  Thanks for any help/suggestio
The design is a flat disk 144mm in diameter. It is sliced as a series of concentric circles and not a spiral, which could have been usable for this design as well. When one circle ends and the next starts, the extruder jumps violently leaving a ridge
The extrusion path inside a single layer is not one continuous trail, so the extruder sometimes needs to jump slightly to start a new path . When it does so, and the new path starts just to the side of the previous one, i get a slight buildup of material, creating a ridge a seen in the picture.  
Hi   I have recently bought a CR-10S and i have some troubles getting good prints with it with other filament than the one that it came with.   The Filament i am using is this: http://www.primafilaments.com/product/primavalue-pla/   https://i.imgur.com/1x5OySE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/NPkmUa5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Tp8pBlH.jpg