Having trouble getting inductive sensor to work.I'm not using glass bed.I've fitted the sensor to the 12v supply and stepped down the signal to 4.7v and all should work great but the z-axis doesn't stop when the sensor is triggered.I have the black signal wire connected to signal on the board and it's an npn sensor.please can someone help
I've been wrestling with this problem with my CR-10S with an e3d v6 hotend for quite a while now. The layering is quite inconsistent in the X and Y directions (and appears to be about the same in both).    I've gone through the hardware with a fine-toothed comb, and I am confident my belts are tight, axes are secure, and bolts are snug. I'm less sure about settings.  
I just got my first 3D printer CR10S and there was no sd card in the box.  I have asked the vendor to send one, but it is hard to wait for my first print.  Can anyone supply the files that come on the sd card?  Can I use a blank sd card and get the CURA files from my PC by USB cable?  As you can tell, I am new to this.  Really looking forward to firing up my machine.  Thanks for any help/suggestio
The design is a flat disk 144mm in diameter. It is sliced as a series of concentric circles and not a spiral, which could have been usable for this design as well. When one circle ends and the next starts, the extruder jumps violently leaving a ridge
The extrusion path inside a single layer is not one continuous trail, so the extruder sometimes needs to jump slightly to start a new path . When it does so, and the new path starts just to the side of the previous one, i get a slight buildup of material, creating a ridge a seen in the picture.  
Hi   I have recently bought a CR-10S and i have some troubles getting good prints with it with other filament than the one that it came with.   The Filament i am using is this: http://www.primafilaments.com/product/primavalue-pla/   https://i.imgur.com/1x5OySE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/NPkmUa5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Tp8pBlH.jpg    
I've been having a strange problem with my Creality CR-10s. I'm getting these areas on the sides of my prints which stick out or are too far in and appear to be where the geometry changes on the part. I'm using Esun Black PLA with the z-seam fixed the the edge where the problems are being seen. I've tried changing the location of the seam, and the issues are seen on other areas of the part.
Hi I have a Creality CR 10 and printed many things with good quality (0,1-0,15-0,2mmm layer height) but last week something go wrong, now i can't print 0,2 layer height because some layers are missing. The machine sometimes doing well, but sometimes not. I think I have Over Extrusion. My first impression was that the spring was weakened, so I made two 1mm washers to make the spring stronger.
I purchased one CR-10 from Banggood.com and the power supply blew up at first power up. I had read about the loud power supply fans and other fans in the CR-10. I had purchased a Mean Well power supply from Amazon in advance. I was able to swap it out and fire up the machine. I figured that there was just a component failure.
i have been doing 3D printing for a little while and have gotten fairly used to it, still trying to tune in my machine,(cr-10). But recently I attempted printing in .4mm and the top layers completely rippled and came out bad, and I have full cooling, I slowed the print and nothing helped, and doesn’t seem to be happening on higher resolution prints, however it seems somewhat weird.
CR 10 Mini
Hello so i just bought the CR 10 mini, have been Trying to get a good print But nothing seems to work. Ive tried benchy with different recomended settings from other people using Cr 10 mini. However this is all i can achieve       there seems to be Maybe an extrusion problem or something and it misses layers completley, or what do i know I’m completley new to this. 
Hello guys, i have an issue with( what i guess) is the s3d settings. I am attempting a print (on a cr-10)for a personal project, and the same model prints well in cura but really bad in s3d(i am using a good profile. settings here https://imgur.com/a/QXkUt). Printer calibrated, benchy prints out great. In the photo attached top is cura, bottom is s3d. Any thoughts?
My new 10 Mini is a DOA as the unit thinks the bed is too hot and waits forever for it to cool. At room temp the bed is showing as 79 deg C, even with the connector for the bed thermistor pulled. Is this a normal value, inidcating the bed thermistor is open-circuit? Can somebody pull the bed connector on a 10, 10S or Mini and let me know what the bed-temp readout on the LCD says? Thanks !
I am using my cr-10 and having very interesting results. I am having awful prints with scattered holes in them. I try to print at 100 percent infil and prints still look like a sponge. U can break prints effortlessly. At first I thought it was a major filament jam, but I do not thing so. That leaves with the extruder? Please let me know! I am out of ideas
The X & Z access auto home smoothly.  Whenever the Y axis is supposed to move, it jitters in place. With the power off, we can manually move the Y axis and it moves smoothly, no jittering.   This only happens on the Y axis while the steppers are powered.   Please tell me this is something fixable.