3D benchy failed prints
Hello, nice to meet you all, I am new on this forum.  I bought a creatbot D600 last week, and I have a really hard time to make it work properly. I humbly require your help to resolve this mystery.  -The problem : As I do with every new printer I get, I try to print the 3Dbenchy , in PLA, with a 1.75 mm filament, and a 0.4 mm nozzle.
I was looking to purchase a printer in the 250 x 250 x 250 plus size category and settled on a Creatbot DX01 (01 signifies single nozzle). I have had Flashforge printers before and have printed over 120 parts (mainly PLA) on them. Here are my thoughts on y new DX01 machine...  
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Hi guys,   I have a creatbot dh which I have had for 3 months and with around 450 hours of print time on. I have a problem where one of the plugs that connects the heated bed to the main loom has started to melt, and as a result has fused together.  Has any one else had this happen and if so have you found a solution that has fixed it from happening again.
Creatbot 3d printer has 7 kind for choose:   1. DS(DM mini): 200*200*250 mm (support single/dual nozzle) 2. DM: 250*250*300 mm (support single/dual nozzle) 3. DH(DM plus): 250*250*450 mm (support single/dual nozzle) 4: DX: 300*250*300 mm (support single/dual/triple nozzle) 5. DZ(DX plus): 300*250*520 mm (support single/dual/triple nozzle) 6. DE: 400*300*300 mm (support single/dual/triple nozzle) 
Intro: As we all know, 3D printers are very similar and an upgrade for one can more than likely be made on another. What upgrades have you done to your platform? Let us know.   Standard upgrades: Directional Fan Cowel - Here Filament Rack Sleve - Here Dust Filter Cartridge -  Here   User designed upgrades: Simple Spool holder (coolzed76) - Here Rear Duct design (the3dprinter) - Here
Hi all, My machine is a Creatbot DX02. I mostly print in ABS. I recently upgraded to the latest version of Creatware and now my raft settings don't work anymore. The raft layer is fused to the part and requires a lot of sanding to remove it. Was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to share their settings. Current Raft Settings: Extra margin (mm) = 10mm Line spacing (mm) = 2