Hello chaps,  Could anyone advise me which low cost (up to £500) DLP printer is better to start with. I just want to play around DLP technology without spending huge amount on of money.  Main candidates are: 1. Wanhao D7 (without control box)  Build volume 120mm* 68mm *200mm Price £425 (ebay)  2. Anycubic Photon (touchscreen) Build volume 115mm *65mm *155mm  Price £420 (ebay) 
Hi, 3D Hubs Community,   We are ApplyLabWork, a new SLA/DLP resin provider. We want to save you money by offering you affordable alternatives to more costly resins.   All our products have been tested extensively on FormLabs printers (Form1+, Form2) and the results are amazing. Print setting is super easy.  Since we are manufacturer direct, our prices are impressive too.  
Hello, recently I bought the D7 DLP printer. I am having some problems with the software, that means some settings I don't understand and I can't find any hint in the Wanhao manuals. So, maybe someone is willing to share his experiences, esp. with these settings: - Anti-Aliasing (value?) - reflect x / reflect y (on or off?) - Z lift distance, lift speed, retract speed (auto-calc?)