So, the title says it all...   Moved my printer to a different location and had a terrible time getting it working again (it has been around a month or so), but I now have some kind of movement after rewiring the electronics outside of the body to troubleshoot the problem.   Anyways, when I input a movement command (via the LCD display) only the Y motor moves, even if an X or Z command is made.
I have a problem with my DeltaWASP 2040 where the material probably strangled a little bit, so it won't be extruded to print. This causes some break in the printed object. I guess this problem makes sense as the spool is put horizontally while the PLA is being pulled vertically  
Hi all, Just curious here.  I have toyed with getting a Delta style printer just because I don't have one and am curious. What would you get? Some criteria - 1. Main stream parts, and firmware. 2. Good support from manufacturer, Facebook groups etc. 3. Decent build volume what ever that may be but no mini etc. 4. S3D profile available would be nice. 5. Not outrageously priced -
Hello world! I'm Nick, one of the founders at Nectar. Nectar is a 3D Printer manufacturer from Arnhem, The Netherlands. We have started shipping our first product, the Nectar One, and are keen to get in touch with and learn from the people in the 3D Hubs community to further improve our tech.  
Hi everyone, ^^ I have just finish to built my own 3D printers : a µdelta Original with a ramps 1.4.Everything is ok when I Upload the firmware on my Arduino, it start but I have 2 problems :-> My first and main problem is that : when I touch a endstop (X, Y or Z), the printer stop immediately, and I don't know why... -> My second problem : My LCD screen is only blue without any text...
ciao a tutti gli utenti di 3DHubs, sono fiero di annunciare che da oggi è possibile ordinare la BNZDelta 4040 Pro, la prima stampante 3D "industrial grade" dal costo accessibile e all'avanguardia nella tecnica.   la potete vedere ed ordinare su tra poco preparerò un po di documentazione da mettere online