Hi all,   Looking to build my first 3d printer. While researching about the printers and filaments I came across the conductive filaments and had an idea.   What if I use the printer to build pcb boards using one extrusion to put out a high-temp filament(nylon or something heat tolerant) and print the circuit on both surface using the conductive filament.  
Hello, my name is Joe Eckert and I'm the Operations Director at a small nonprofit called Access Independence that works with people with any type of disability.  In response to repeated cuts to State and Federal funds, two years ago we started a 3D services program where all revenue goes to support our disability services.  
I just bought an ATOM 2.5EX Printer, this is my 2nd printer but 1st one with dual extrusion.   i have some Nylon+CF filament that i want to use. but for support, i had this idea, since Nylon is resistant to Acetone (from Googling and my long time ago engineering degree) >>https://www.calpaclab.com/nylon-chemical-compatibility-chart/
I recently updated my Powerspec 3d pro 2 (more or less a rebranded flashforge creator pro) printer's firmware to the newest release of sailfish. Since then, changing tools fails. I have tried replicatorG and Simplify 3d. when using simplify 3d, I seem to have something along the lines of: -start printing correctly with right extruder -tool moves 35mm right in order to line up the left extruder
I really want to buy a 3d printer with dual color printing as one color is just so plain, The 3d printer has no requirments. It does not have to be only a 3d printer with dual color it could also be a 3d printer with one extruder but a multi color nozzle. Thank you -Mopmop111