Hello  Our Sister 3dhub in Breda starts comming friday  a marathon printing protheses for E-nable http://enablingthefuture.org   It would be great if our printers in utrecht can help breda to make it a success..  prints will be free of charge  ( thats the good cause) and we will get in a great a great  xmas printing spirit..If you want to join  let me know and ill send the print files...  
Hi there everyone! I recently completed my first hand as a part of 3D Hubs' partnering with E-Nable to print the newly revised Experiment v5 hand.       ^ This hand is actually going to a training workshop to teach people how to assemble the hands and then will be donated to charity. I'll divide this post in to three major parts. The print, the process, and my take away.
Hi Everyone!   I just want to drop by to share these two efforts by the Portland 3D Printing Lab in hopes that some of you will be able to help spread the word, donate printing time/filament, or just donate cash as I will.   All info you'll need to help will be below.   Thank you very much if you choose to support and have a great day, Jason  @BotBQ     eNable effort organized by Jesse @ Hedron:
3DPrinterOS - the world's first cloud based management platform for 3D printers launched the "August Print Challenge" to help e-Nable crowdsource from the 3D printing community the largest donation of 3D printed hands yet.       
I just wanted to share this video about an awesome project that 4th grade students at my school completed in partnership with E-Nable.   The printed a prosthetic hand for a child with no fingers!  https://www.facebook.com/CDWGCollaboration/videos/622108447889269/  
Hi everyone - I was given the opportunity to present my experiences with the e-nable platform as a maker and designer. The meetup was held at FabLab Breda in the Netherlands and visited by, printing enthusiasts, 3D designers and professionals in prosthetic development and design. Personally I learned a lot from the interaction, feedback and I believe there was great reception on the project.