So I am building a prusa mk2s "clone" on ramps 1.4 with a mk42 heated bed, e3d V6 noctua fans, tmc2100 etc etc I've run into a strange problem. So when I start a print the printer would run for 5 to 7 minutes and then stops. No errors. No nothing. The steppers get disabled, the heater drops and no error at all. After a while I only get a thermal runaway due to the heater dropping.
over the last year, i have gathered of mot of 3d printing hardware and electronics. My collection is now to the point of being able to build an entire 3d printer out of it. I already own a prusa mk2, a tronxy and a tevo little monster. So i wanted to build something different from these machines.  I also have acces to a laser cutter, so a laser cut frame would be prefered.
Another try with a PETG based filament. Thw one I choosed qas the British racing green. Very nice and tought prints. I'm testing different materials for usable engineering grade...and this one is really a nice one to print with. With 225°C hotend and 70°C heated bed, I'm printing at 50mm/s and 0.1mm layers obtaining really food finish without strings between pieces printed at the same time.
I'm looking for a material for fdm printing that has a higher strength and layer adhesion than PLA and ABS and doesn't emit noxious fumes.    I am currently looking at nylon, t-glase (pett), PET (CEP), acetal (delrin), ngen, and possibly poly carbonate.    Needs to be available in 1.75mm sizes.   I will be using an e3D v6 hot end  
I installed the E3D metal hot end on my Hatchbox Alpha. I also installed the (supposedly) screw in compatible thermister.  Using M303 E0 S200 C3 it should run a series of 3 heating cycles then give me an average of kP, kI, and kD....but the ONLY way I can get it to run multiple (3) cycles and return results is if I chance the value of C to "1"...????.....  
Hi Everyone! :) As this is my first ever printer, I thought the Original Prusa i3 ( would be a good choice with regards to Print quality/ flexible material capability/ Ease of use - calibration - assembly, from what I read. It does not have a dual extruder but perhaps that could be upgraded later.
Hi, I'm printing with the Colorfabb XT-CF20 filament with the new E3D nozzle. All going good, but it looks like the XT-CF20 filament extrudes allot more than PLA on the same flow settings.   I calibrated the extruder so that 100mm filament is really 100mm, with PLA that was perfect, but now with the Colorfabb XT-CF20 it looks like I'm overextruding allot.