rough surface
Hello,   I am using an envisiontec perfactory micro 3d printer with epic resin.I cure my models in otoflash post curing light unit and i have good result in casting but now oto flash is broken. I sent it back to envisiontec and waiting to be fixed.   I will attach some rings that i cure them in uv lamps nail dryer but the result was not good at all.  
Since I replaced the fan inside envision, the spot of light doesn't come out. The 2"x 1" square shape of light appears on the calibration plate. I tried reconnect all the plugs and did that again to make sure but still did't work. Is there anybody having solution idea about this situation? My all of works had to be stopped and I am deadly frustrated. I really need to get advice.
I've had an Envisiontec Perfactory Micro Advantage for just over two years, and no doubting the quality of the build parts is amazing. However, I'm having an issue with the materials available. I'm pretty much stuck with the dark green HTM140, which I'm finding can be a bit brittle. When I bought the machine it was with the intention of running the D3 White resin.
We are looking to add a DMP/SLA 3D printer to our list of machines. We have 2x Ultimaker 2s and 1x Ultimaker Extended that we use for fixtures but we are looking to add a high resolution printer for prototypes. We are a machine shop that manufactures medical implants and most of our parts are very small and require very high detail.