We are having an official formlabs meetup in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn Tuesday May 22nd. We will be showcasing Formlabs new Tech resins; rigid, tough, and durable.   Seasons formlabs pros will be on hand and we'll be doing raffles for free cartridges and print outs.   Dell will also be on hand demonstrating their Graphics systems and their new Canvas wacom replacement.  
Do you want to experience the new Ultimaker S5, and gain insight into the world of 3D printing, prototyping, and production? Then the Ultimaker S5 launch event organized by Local Makers in Amsterdam is the right place for you!  Within the event you will have the opportunity to: Talk to experts in 3D printing Check the new Cura functions Get valuable design and prototype advice for free!
GOOD NEWS! Local Makers and Proto.Camp, are organizing a meet-up, this Sunday, at Amsterdam's coolest 3D Design Studio! The event is over at 12, so you're better off coming closer to 10 to make sure you have a chance to get the help you need. Just to give you an idea, things you might ask about we can help with might include: • How to code (/program) your first prototype
Hi guys, We (3D Hubs) will host a conference on 3D printing in education, tonight starting from 8pm CET (2pm EST). The event will be available through online streaming at this link: https://dezwijger.nl/programma/reshaping-science   We've put together a pretty epic line up, including:   Vishal Sachdev (Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign - 3D Printing Specialization Coursera) 
3D Printing Events and Meetup's have been moved to meetup.com. Please find the Salt Lake City Community using the below link:   https://www.meetup.com/Salt-Lake-City-3D-Printing/   We have not had a 3D Printing meetup in a few months now. I'm glad to say we have some exciting ones planned for this year! You can see some of the current events live now.   
Wettbewerb Light Cares rioprinto
Wir haben eine neues Event für dich! Es ist ein Wettbewerb bei dem Du ein 3D Modell entwickelst. Das digitale Modell ist ein anpassbares Aufnahmegestell für sehbehinderte Menschen. Als Preisgeld gibt es insgesamt 3000 Euro! Es ist eine fantastische Möglichkeit deine Ideen in einem Produkt zu realisieren, zusätzlich unterstützt Du sehbehinderte Menschen!  
Beste Bosche hubbers en andere 3D print fans,   3D hubs bijeenkomsten worden tegenwoordig gehost op Meetup. Dat is nieuw. Wil je onze reguliere 2 maandelijkse meetups blijven bezoeken? En zit je nog niet op Meetup? Maak dan een account aan, en meld je aan in de groep NL 3D Printing. Voordeel van deze manier van events hosten is een groter landelijk bereik!!  
Hi everyone,   2016 has been a great year and for 2017, in order to keep growing and offer a better support for events, 3D Hubs has decided to move their event hosting capabilities to Meetup.com. We expect that our community in Vancouver will directly benefit from the platform change, allowing us to attract a lot more people outside of 3D Hubs.   
Hi everyone just giving a heads up about the 3D Printing Meetup for January 2017. It will be happening this Thursday Jan 26th start time of 6:30 pm but we have a special location this month, we have been invited to EPL's Makerspace at 10212 Jasper Ave location. As a note space is limited so please RSVP at the meetup site or Hope to see people there!
Hey guys and gals,   3D Hubs is moving events notifications from the Talk page to meetup.com   Our New Orleans page is here: https://www.meetup.com/New-Orleans-3D-Printing/   If y'all have any suggestions hit us up here or on the meetup page or send an email to support@entrescan.com   I've got some ideas in mind of Mardi Gras so stay tuned!
Salut à tous! Pour les curieux du scanning en 3D et de l’impression 3D , soyez les bienvenus à la troisième "Scanner Party 3D Hubs" à Paris en collaboration avec l'atelier de fabrication Draft et Sketchfab. Cet événement est l'occasion de venir scanner en 3D vos objets favoris ou même de vous faire un selfie 3D. Vous pourrez ensuite les imprimer sur votre imprimante 3D ou sur 3D Hubs.