Hello Guys,   I had an idea to go into business to sell recycled filaments, I had an exciting conversation with friends while watching YouTube videos so I charged ahead and got a used Filabot but it was missing all the nozzles so I went and bought a 1.75, 2.85, 3.00 and an undrilled one as a complete set. Well it seems the idea has fizzled and I no longer will be exploring that idea.  
I just got a filabot extruder, and I started playing around with extruding recycled PP. I initially had the temperature at 140C, but nothing was happening so I bumped it up to 175C. It started coming out, but the weight of it stretched it into wispy strands. Also, I've seen a lot of people getting the filament to curve around a metal rod before it drops down and coils up.
http://www.filastruder.com/products/filastruder-kit?mc_cid=7197993cbd&mc...   There was a lot of #remake3d interest from Hubs who want to get into recycling local plastic back into filament. This budget system may help some of them get into it a little faster. I'd love to see any reviews or feedback from Hubs that end up getting one!
What better way to break in the new FILABOT system than flush the extruder with a small amount of the provided virgin ABS pellets and then go full recycled ABS straight from the FILAMAKER pat shredder! From the info posted by @bramhallo I knew what temp settings to try first and the fact that a direct cooling air current would be needed.
Recently, we have unveiled one of our newest products, the Filabox.   Have you ever noticed that your prints are: Weak Bubbly(not it a good way) Popping or Sizzling during printing Do they have layer inconsistencies or adhesions?  
Hi there! I'm Bram and I've been stretching the shredding, extruding and printing machines to the limits here at our 3D Hubs HQ. After a lot of experimenting now it’s time to show the results of some serious printing with recycled filament. A sneak peak, this is what your homemade fully recycled PLA prints could look like:  
Welcome back to this quick start guide to filament extruding!     My first talk post of this series was all about the perfect setup for extruding. This second post will be all about the results that I was able to get and what they tell us.   Post 1: How to get the best recycled filament from your old 3D prints? Post 2: Recycling ABS and PLA data overview    
Our main goal at Filabot is to provide a closed loop recycling system for 3D printers. Each day we take a step closer to allowing anyone to be able to do that. This video done buy the folks over at Adafruit gives some great examples and outlines the process for recycling failed prints. Check it out!    DIY 3D Printing Filament with Filabot by Adafruit        
So for the past two weeks we worked on extruding PLA and ABS with our very own Filabot extruder. For those of you who haven't heard of the Filabot; it's a machine that grinds small plastic pellets and extrudes them into your very own filament. So far results were good for ABS but for PLA we weren't able to extrude the right diameter.