Hello, I read that 3D printers with an enclosure is better for health as they prevent the fume from spreading around the room. I cannot understand the validity of this statement because as soon as the user opens the door to take out the printout, the fume comes out from the printer and spread across the room. So, why having an enclosure is better for health?
I just bought some Tianese 1.75mm filament, it has decent reviews so I thought I would give it a try. Plus with it's cheap price I couldn't say no.   The main problem I am having is when printing with this filament, things like skirts, brims, and circles the filament doesn't fully complete the circumference leaving a tiny gap in each layer (if I am lucky enough to get that far).
Hi all, having got shot of my Form 2, I have a number of resin tanks and filled print trays that I no longer need.  I also have one (1) unopened, sealed, print tray.  All of the tanks have been used and vary in the amount in them, as follows:   Durable (FLDUCL01) - 6 prints, 0.2L used Tough (FLTOTL03) - 7 prints, 0.3L used Grey (FLGPGR03) - 1 print, virtually full
Hi, Just a general question about filament feed during long duration prints, I find the filament suffers from cross windings on the reel and when I am printing I periodically have to pull off lengths of filament and clear the cross feeds, at one time I even broke the filament trying to pull it off the reel.
Hey Guys, Today we have launched one of our new products called FilaKit. FilaKit is the affordable way to try exotic filaments. Every month we ship you 4 1.75mm exotic filaments. We get our filaments from popular filament companies such as Proto-Pasta. Each sample is approximately 40 grams or 11 meters. Each sample is sealed in a bag with desiccant to keep it fresh.
Green is pigmented and giving bubbles off-white is pure abs and is not giving bubble
Dear friends.. I a a filamant manufacturer from India, I have setup a small filamant production machine (30m/min). I am manufacturing it for 3d pen. I am facing a problem.. When I make filament of pure abs with no colour added, it prints fine... but as soon as I add up some pigment in it, it starts giving alot of bubbles. And it happens only when I add pigment in the abs..
My family is moving to another country. I don't want to part ways with my printer - I've taken excellent care of it. It sits on my desk and is never moved and I've constantly cleaned and maintained it.   I have all the boxes, manuals, and have purchased a little more than 1 year ago. Been printing for about 6-7 months.  
Our shop is based out of Cleveland, OH and is currently sending out orders (same day).   Our prices are arguably the lowest in the western world while holding high standards of quality.   Free ground shipping for orders exceeding $70.00 across the USA. (That's 7 rolls, out the door, for $70.00 flat!)   https://catalyst-ds.com
I am currently selling off a load of surplus materials at bargain basement prices. The lot is a mixture of PLA and ABS but by far the majority is 1.5mm PLA. A variety of colours available. See my ebay auction here if you are interested. Would prefer someone else got the use of it instead of it going to waste.