I know this sounds like an Ad - and, in a way, it kind of is. But I think people should know about it and - the more, the merrier.   Maker Geeks has put together a monthly subscription box with two full spools of filament, and other things (like a tool, stickers, etc.). I'm in for trying it for a month - I'll do a review once I get it - they send on the 15th.  
Has anyone tried Real-Filaments PETG? It is on offer on Amazon UK for 18.44 including prime delivery for a 1kg roll in 1.75mm.  A quick look on there site shows they also sell private label spools for retailers to sell as there own brand. I also seen they're based in holland.
Afternoon all,   Ben from 3D Hubs here. I am currently working on Knowledge Base content and have been floating the idea of an article that includes a materials specifications table as a quick reference for those new to designing for 3D printing. I have a link to the table here:   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MUmof71k1bBzHhmevocjqgjVcag0GQyx...  
Another try with a PETG based filament. Thw one I choosed qas the British racing green. Very nice and tought prints. I'm testing different materials for usable engineering grade...and this one is really a nice one to print with. With 225°C hotend and 70°C heated bed, I'm printing at 50mm/s and 0.1mm layers obtaining really food finish without strings between pieces printed at the same time.
The noob in me is probably coming out and Im sure there is a simple solution to this problem, but I'm banging my head against a wall. I recently bought a monoprice maker select V2 and it has worked great so far. I bought the printer to help print prototypes of a part that i am working on before we start mass producing them. When I printed with standard PLA it worked great.
Hi all,   Can you help me with some advice, please? I have some amount of heat and UV resistant filament with the following characteristics: - PLA with temperature resistance up to 115 C - biogradable and CO2 neutral, environmetally friendly - compatiable with most 2.85 mm FFF 3D printers   My question is: what type of products it would be most useful for?   Thanks in advance!
I created Filaments.directory to help the community to find new filament with ease by collecting data about filaments all over the world. I launched last week a new feature where users can share their print settings for the combination printer and filament. The goal is to collect as much data as possible, create default profile and avoid the trial and error process when using a new product.
  What filament do they consider to have the highest tensile strength.  I am looking for something that doesn't bend but is quite stiff and has an exception tensile strength.  Something that resembles aluminum, I suppose.  I made a tool out of aluminum and I plan on seeing if I can make it with a 3d printer.  I am thinking polycarbonate.
I am looking into 3D printing with PCL (polycaprolactone). We have been able to extrude pellets into filament with a Filastruder and Filawinder setup (rather small ranging from 1.3mm-1.4mm diameter). Not having any luck trying to print with a Replicator 2X though. I know the feed rate must be increased and the extruder temperature adjusted, but not having any luck at the moment.