FlashForge Creator Pro 2015 Model I searched the forum before posting but came back empty. So I upgraded my left extruder to the Micro Swiss all metal hot end (MK10) now I'm wondering if anyone in this forum with the same printer has successfully printed PC+PBT filament on their printer and is willing to share their experience with all of us. 
I'm looking for advice on my first 3D printer that I'll be using for hobby engineering-related dev: abs and exotics/composites. The budget is between $1500 and $3000 USD. Is there a model I'm missing from my list (below) that I should look at?   I've read tons of reviews on here and other sites, here is what I'm hoping for: - reliable part sticking to platform
Hi, I'm VERY new to this and don't understand a lot of the tech-speak I see in here, trying to learn. What I am experiencing is that the back right leveling screw is ALL the way tightened, and the bed is still to high (hitting the extruder and jamming on the first layer.) So I think I need to lower the default height somehow and was wondering if I can do this without taking the whole thing apart?
I was unjamming my extruder and now that Ive gotten it fixed my fan for that specific side stayed spinning. Update. As I was typing this it spun down and turned off? Is that residual spinning from the heating process? I had to preheat it to clean the extruder. But it has just now turned off. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, T.
Hello makers   I work in an Industrial design firm in Sydney Australia and we have a mini 3D printing farm. We have 5 Guider II and 1 Guider IIS, I am having trouble with the Guider II when updating the firmware.   When i try to update via the WIFI, it gives the same message no matter if I change the WIFI source, "something went wrong with the network, try again later"  
It has been over a year now since I bought my 3D-printer, FlashForge Dreamer. The chassis and build quality in general is adequate, but the software and mainboard is utter crap. I will replace it altogether with something better, and I'm open to suggestions. I'm looking to make this printer way better, and maybe blog the results for curious people to see. Price is not a problem.
I've been printing for around a year now, so i have some knowledge but not 100% on everything. I'm currently using a Flashforge Creator Pro but at the moment I'm having trouble with a specific print for work. I have attached pictures so you can see my issues.  
Hey all,   New to the forum, and to 3D printing in general. My company just acquired a Flashforge Creator Pro and it keeps on giving me the same problem- about 10-20 minutes into a print, the nozzles stop extruding. The nozzles keep on moving, as if it were still printing, but nothing is coming out. I don't believe it is a blockage issue, for the following reasons: 1. It is a brand new machine
New to 3D printing and need a little help with print setting. I have read a ton on the net and watch countless video's but not really getting a decent print. The test file square block that came with the machine looks really good but not able to figure out what setting were used.   Using a new roll of black PLA from Makerbot, leveled the bed between prints.  
Hey Guys,   First time poster here.  I just got my FlashForge Creator Pro but I'm having trouble with the units of the model.  I model in inches primarily in SketchUp but when importing into FlashPrint it comes in as mm.  So a 2" model will come in at 2 mm.  I can't figure out how to override this other than scaling that 2" up to 50" so that it's roughly the correct size.  
I've been having problems with a 3d printer that I recently got, the FlashForge Creator, and the left extruder has clogged, but when following a youtube tutorial that will fix it, the filament will not go out the left extruder, it is a blue PLA filament that came with the printer, the heat settings were 230C for left I have tried manually pushing it through, but it will not go, I believe it may be
Okay let me start out with my origin of any error at all.  I have a flash forge creator pro 2016 model which worked perfectly up until my buddy did the microswiss hot end upgrade so we could attempt hotter temp filaments.  After completing the swap I got the ugly tool head 1 error.  I replaced the thermistor and heater tube and put back together.  No longer have a tool head 1 error, so far so good
I have a problem with the first layer not adhering to the bed correctly. I typically use a brim, and it almost never lays down correctly. I thought it was a moisture problem with my filament, but I just cracked open a new roll and I'm still having the same issue. Unless I print a really large print, I can't get it to stick. I've releveled many times.