I'm experienced with FDM, but have no SLA or DLP experience. I'm considering buying a quality SLA machine, like a Form 2 - but I need the machine to pay for itself eventually. From existing SLA/DLP users, can you let me know roughly how often you get orders through 3DHubs / elsewhere and how profitable they are? How long did it take for your machine(s) to pay for themselves?
Hi, 3D Hubs Community,   We are ApplyLabWork, a new SLA/DLP resin provider. We want to save you money by offering you affordable alternatives to more costly resins.   All our products have been tested extensively on FormLabs printers (Form1+, Form2) and the results are amazing. Print setting is super easy.  Since we are manufacturer direct, our prices are impressive too.  
Hi,   I want to try my luck with SLA printer, it would be my first one. I'm thinking in terms of long term investment. It for personal applications only. So I can invest only once. I was going thru the literatures and shortlisted a few. Since budget constraint, I'm looking for a good printer which gives you a very good (detailed) print. There are a few questions which have arised in my mind.  
Hi Community,   My name’s Ben, a mechanical engineer here at 3D Hubs.   I’m creating this thread to be an open field for any questions relating to SLA 3D printing, whether it’s material recommendations or design tips. I’d love to hear your expertise and your questions!   So fire your questions away and lets get knowledge sharing! Thanks, Ben
MatterThings Inc. - 3D Printing opened a second branch location in the heart of downtown Montreal (Mont-Royal area)!  Our second branch is located at 1124, Rue Marie-Anne Est, Office #22, in Montreal, Quebec H2J 2B7, Canada.  Find us on Google Maps. 
We have discontinued use of our Form 1+'s but are left with the machines, which need repair, and quite a lot of unused resin. Does anyone know of a company that would do a trade-in for the machines or materials? These are printers from a college, so the department prefers to not sell them for cash, but rather to exchange them for other 3D printing materials we might use for our other machines.  
Slightly used Form 2 for sale, only used 50% of the clear resin. Perfect condition with almost full warranty left (bought Jan 2017). Form 2 is located in Switzerland but I can ship within the EU too. Package contains the Form 2, a used resin thank with clear resin and a clear resin cartridge with 50% left resin. Pick-up is possible in Zurich Switzerland Price €3450 plus shipping