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Hi everyone! I work for a company which wants to purchase our first 3D printer and expand our manufacturing possibilities. We are based in the Netherlands and produce a variety of products, ranging from small to large size shop displays, signage, LED lighting (and fixtures) to routing solutions (sort of displays). We have the following constraints/wishlist; - Budget up to €10k.
Hi everyone,   Is anyone on here using 3D printing for industrial purposes?. I am a production engineer for a fire alarm manufacturer and use my Ultimaker 2 to produce all kinds of tools and jigs, over 300 parts are now in use on a production line. I see a lot of toys and props being printed but i don't see much in the way of real functional parts.    Share your functional parts..     
Hi, 3DHubs! Lately, we've been working on this new PLA that mimics high-performance materials (e.g. Ultem) when it comes to strength, but it's a lot easier to work with. It's possible to apply on many more printers, therefore doesn't require any expensive industrial devices to begin with.