Hi, I was wondering if you could 3d print an edc hand spinner, I suffer a lot with fidgeting but my mum wont let me buy one because to ship to Ireland in total it would cost like 50 euro, I was wondering if you could do this as right now all I have is a split ring with pony beads on it to fidget with , I would be eternally grateful, yours truly, Sarah carrigan, 15 years old, Ireland 201186
Hello everyone,   Ksenia here, founder at FlipFlic - happy to present it here to the 3Dhubs community!   FlipFlic is the first plug-and-play solution to instantly transform old window blinds into a smart home appliance.   Snaps onto your existing blinds with one click! It will maintain the ideal level of indoor light and temperature throughout the day.  
Tackoma channel for organizing, tool holding
Hey all, over the past few months I've been 3D printing prototypes for a multipurpose tool for my office/3D printing space. And I think I've got something great.   My friend and I created an extruded channel profile (called Tackoma) that mounts to a wall and accepts light duty accessories such as tool holders, hooks, shelves etc. We've also designed it so that it can hold paper or thin objects.