HE3D h500 printer, White PLA
I recently bought a new H500 online and it has a ton of problems. Firs of all the printing surface is extremely uneven. I am trying to print a large part on a uneven surface and with a raft it would look ok, but I am getting a strange pattern all the way on the surface. It seems that very 50 lines or so it prints a couple of lines higher which do not stick to a part at all.
Hello my printer came with the heat bed thermometer unsoldered to it. Can someone please send a picture or diagram of this working? My printer will not print without this attached correctly it just keeps saying heater decoupled. Additionally I cant seem to get the filament to extrude. Im unsure wether the issues are related or not. 
Just bought a He3d K280 delta 3d printer. Have it calibrated very well (shapes are perfect) But My layers are looking pretty poor. I was wondering if anyone has come up with the ideal profile for this printer? The Chris Elkins Profile if you will, of the he3d k280? If needed I can Put the up settings I am currently using for my HE3D k280 printer, Let me know!    Thanks in advance.
HI people. I bought a HE3D online and put it together and I'm having a few issues. I can not get the printer to connect to my computer. I tried with both marlin and repeater and didnt work. I can manually move it, I do have power and all temp are fine. So now I just can't get it to print. Any help would be awesome. Thanks
Anyone know how reliable either of the two printers in the topic are? I've seen youtube video reviews of the Anycubic Pulley Delta 3D printer but only from two people and nothing on the actual printer (only the build).   I'm interested in probably selling the parts of my old 3D printer and purchasing one of these kits but I want to be sure they are reliable.  
Hey everyone! I am having some trouble with my K200 delta. I received an auto leveling kit with my printer and I hooked it. In repetier i checked that it works via the M119 command. Then I started the procedure for leveling my print bed via G29 command (also tried G32) and for some reason ever time it says fatal error with the printer.
Printer: He3D Delta DLT-180 with heated bed and autoleveling Software: Repetier configuration.h file attached Autoleveling: The printer instructions say to add G29 to prints, which checks levels at certain points on the bed (3x3, 9 points) G29 outputs the heights measured at the probe points
Hi everyone,I am selling my assembled Prusa i3 Hephestos and HE3D Delta with automatic levelling and heated bed due to not enough time, I'm located in Amsterdam. The prusa i3 works fine but might need some better fine tuning, the HE3D is assembled but not yet working. I think the right software still needs to be loaded on the arduino and it needs to be calibrated. 
I just recently got my HE3D 180 back up and running, after a long hiatus due to lack of firmware support from the company. In my testing and calibration I've been unable to print higher than a certain point before the print fails. I've followed the guides on RepRap for troubleshooting print issues. Starting with lowering nozzle temp, adjusting z height, leveling the bed.
Hey, I'm wrapping up the construction of my first 3d printer, a delta by He3d.  It's a dual extruder without a z-probe, and the instructions are absolutely horrendous. Does anyone know of a good instructional resource for leveling in Repetier Host and getting started in general? Repetier Host's tutorial is for use with a z-probe, which I do not have.