Hi all,   I've had several orders which either me or the customer cancelled with a valid reason: "customer isn't interested anymore". Which is fine by me, this can happen because of a number of reasons.   The problem I found is, it impacts the "Weighted completion rate" metric on the dashboard. My percentage rate is going down. Today for example, because yesterday a customer cancelled the order.
Hello world!   I am very interested in learning what software is used to create the How-to guides and manuals here at 3D Hubs.  I think they are a great addition to any instructions/manuals website, including how-to's into 3D printing.   For example: https://www.3dhubs.com/knowledge-base/additive-manufacturing-process   Does anyone have an insight on what kind of tools is used for this?  
I typically dont complain about changes. But this one seems like a terrible idea.   I understand wanting to make it easier for order to be placed by customers. But there's a reason for order review before acceptance and payment. Some people aren't well versed in 3d printing and will submit something that isn't possible to print. But if we enabled instant order we are stuck with a bad order now. 
Ok, I've looked all over and apparently I have bad searching skills or it doesn't exist.   I'm looking for a way to charge different prices for different colors of the same material. I've seen other Hubs that have figured this out, but I cannot for the life of me find out how.   Example: ABS - Black (Normal Price), Orange (increased charge), etc
Hello,I cannot find a way to change your settings to automatically accept payments from payments@3dhubs.com, in my PayPal settings.I go to PayPal Settings > Payments > Manage pre-approved payments > Pre-approved payment plans  and I get this page.I think that PayPal has made changes. What should I do?
I'm having issues with the order widget. On the Powertools page, the "button" just appears as green text, not the button I think it's supposed to display?   Also, when I try to post the code in my site, it just posts the hyperlink, followed by code that I imagine is supposed to trigger the button image. 
Capture of the service fee for an open order I currently have.
I just noticed, that the service fee (should be 12.5%) for my current order is well off the mark.    The order total is 48.33€ and the service fee is 7.31€, leaving me with 41.02€ in hand for this order.    By my calculations, the service fee for the order should only be 6.04€ The current service fee is over 15% of the total.