Hello world!   I am very interested in learning what software is used to create the How-to guides and manuals here at 3D Hubs.  I think they are a great addition to any instructions/manuals website, including how-to's into 3D printing.   For example: https://www.3dhubs.com/knowledge-base/additive-manufacturing-process   Does anyone have an insight on what kind of tools is used for this?  
  It's time to unleash your 3D powers, we've teamed up with Instructables for the biggest 3D printing contest of 2016!   The challenge: write an Instructable about your 3D printed creations sharing how you did it, and submit your project to the contest to win some of the awesome prizes. Did we say prizes? You can win 15 (!) of the best 3D printers today in 3 different categories:  
  It's no secret that the midnight release of Fallout 4 this past Tuesday sent the gaming world into a frenzy. Among other reasons, fans of the popular post-apocalyptic role-playing video game franchise have been waiting patiently for five whole years for the much-anticipated update.    
It has been a while already since we have started our first Instructables competition where we together with the manufacturers we were giving away 13 of the best 3D printers and $2000 3D printing credit for the most creative makers out there!   Finally, we can announce that the contest was extremely successful with almost 600 creative 
Hi 3D Hubs! Please check out my guide on how to build your own walking machine, and vote for me in the 3D printing contest if you like what you see! I would love to see more of these machines out and about in the world. The model I've uploaded is easily re-scaled and re-interpreted, so feel free to play with it.      Thanks for taking the time to look!  
Prepare for the summer of your lifetime! A new Instructables contest aims to challenge your maker-skills with a whole summer long Makerthon ;)       The idea is simple - Any group of at least 4 friends can register and should submit as many awesome Instructables as possible throughout the summer. The ones who submit the most amazing instructables will obviously be rewarded!   
This instructables is authorized by designer&maker "Deepocean" to Shapetizer to post   A truck toy set. 3D printed and assembled.        This truck was appeared in the movie "Transformers". Yes, a part of the "Devastator", the left foot. In the real world ,the prototype is Caterpillar 773b Dump truck.