I assembled the a3 kit Prusa i3 from JGAURORA in about 15-16 hours. Everything was pretty much consistent with the installation videos except one major thing. The video talks and shows two red cables that are installed in the plus (+) power slot on the main board. However, my kit didn't contain any cables that looked like these besides the ones that heat up the nozzle but those go in the E0 slot.
Here at work we have a JGAURORA Semi-closed Metal Frame Z-603S and we are having an issue with our bed temperature reading. As soon as you power it up the print nozzle reads 21C like it should but the print bed reads 65C and is stuck on that number even if you heat the bed up which it does get hot to the temp. we set but the theromister won't read it.
I'm having some trouble with my JGAurora printer, when the extruder moves to the center of the bed it also tries to move it down. The left z-axis stepper motor has the stop and can't move but the right motor moves making it not parallel to the bed anymore. Here's a video https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8mwhG8fyLyMeFo2NVNLS1VRRTA  Does anyone know how to fix this?    
Hey guys so I just got the new JGAURORA prusa i3 or their model A3. I also bought an all metal Bowden kit from Amazon along with the e3d v6 fully assembled head. Has anyone done this or any mods to this printer and wondering if anyone has made a carriage yet and where you might have mounted the Bowden motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Industry sand table   Are you still produce building model by traditional manual worker ? Nowadays , most of the building company are produce their building model by 3d printer with the development of 3d printing FDM technology. Which is much more accuracy than manual working. time and cost saving a lot for you !   Process is simple : 1st, making a 3d file drawing save as STL.format.
How will you feel when you open your lamp and seeing your lover in your customs desktop lamp backing home after whole busy working day. all your boring will be disappeared and your heart become peace and calm.right ?   For its characteristics prototyping itself ,3d printer can bring your drawing to real object with your idea. You can print another one when you have baby in the future .
Easy installation and operation DIY 3d printer kit   Does it take me lot of time to assemble ? Does it difficult to assemble ? There are same questions from 3d printer hobbyists !   JGAURORA 3d tell you that it is not only easy but also interesting to assemble and operation for printer kit model A-3 from JGAURORA since clear video and assemble instruction in PDF together .