I'm having a problem with some of my "sharp"corners. it seems like it is dragging previous layers to the outside?  I can't find any artikel related to this problem. And i have tried pretty much everyting. (lowering acceleration. making sure al bolts are tight.)   The printer is have is a Kossel XL (delta printer) i print at 190° and my bed is at 55°
I downloded the lastest firmware recommended by Anycubic and followed the steps to put it on the 3D printer.I also did the auto leveling after installing the firmware.I am having issues, here is a video: https://youtu.be/07dfOhMdhfwAs you can see it prints too low in some areas and up in the air in other areas.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!
Hey I have recently bought a kossel mini I put it together and all the connections seem to be correct when I turned it on the first thing I did was auto level it but the z axis just activated and will not stop even if it hits the end stop (end stops work) I switched the software to marlin and that dident work. If I plug a diffrent motor into the z axis plug that motor will do the same thing.
Hi, I just finished building my Anycubic Kossel Pulley and installed all the firmware. I'm having an issue where when I go into pronterface and home the axes, then type G1Z0 to bring the head down to the plate level, the head is 25mm too high. I'm not sure why this is, but I think it might be because the belts aren't tight enough around the belt tensioners.   Any feedback helps,   Thanks
Hi all!My girlfriend gifted me a Anycubic Kossel Pulley and i was very happy with it. I've printed some test figures (a ship, a cube and something else...).This evening during a printing process with cura the process was interrupted.Now i have the trigorilla board that have a red blinking led on "power debug" and the LCD that continues to blink. Some details:
Hey,  I own a kossel mini pulley version and it seems to be printing concave only in when moving in the x direction. I performed the paper test while moving the printer head around and it only comes away from the platform as it moves away form x0. I already checked to make sure that the platform itself is not concave. What can i do to remedy this?    
hot bed problem
i was setting my printer up and every thing worked but it would not print because it had an error saying the my heat bed was to low to start printing the thing is the kossel pulley kit does not come with a heat bed it comes with a glass sheet instead. so what i am trying to say is how do i disable the error so it knows there is not heat bed installed or bypassed it.
I just received and assembled the Anycubic Kossel Mini Pulley version, and installed the Marlin firmware. I had a few issues with the LCD screen, but those have been solved. Now, I want to auto-level the bed, but when I press the dial, the "Auto Leveling Bed" option is no longer there.   Is there anything I can do in the Marlin firmware to fix this?
Hey, I recently installed everything on my pc freshly. I have some weird issues with my anycubic Kossel now. I print with primavalue Pla at 210C and 60 Heatbed, retraction is at 4.5mm and 60mm/s. The test files from matterhackers with the 4 cubes print flawlessly. I just have the problem that my nozzle keeps oozing in the infill during travel, which didn't happen before. Anyone any suggestions?
Hi I'm a newbie when it comes to Arduino. Just built a Sintron Kossel Mini but having trouble loading firmware.. Followed instructions and download all the files. Every time I try to upload I get errors. Tried installing marlin software from other sources but getting nowhere. It has 12864 L.C.D Does anyone have a basic copy the firmware that will get me started? Thanks