Hello, I have used several 3D printers including the Up Plus, Up Plus 2, Makerbot Replicator 2 and Stratasys's uPrint.   I received a print sample from Lulzbot. The quality is not very good and one of the triangle corner did not print properly. I would say the print quality is worse than the Up Plus 2. Why many reviews rated that the Lulzbot Taz 6's print quality is excellent?
Hello,  I did some tests and the print quality of the print is actually really good but i still have the Z scar or seam on the outside of my cylinder type object. i use this:   *Latest Version Cura*Colorfabb PLA Black*Nozzle Stock TAZ 6 nozzle 0.50 *Layer Height of 0.15*Print Temp. 210*Bed Temp. 55~60*Print Speed 60m/s  
Hi there!  I have a gently used Lulzbot Mini for sale...have had it for under a year (so still under warranty) but moving onto bigger and better things!   Nozzle and print bed have some marks from use, but the printer works perfectly. A great intro FDM printer for those just starting to get into 3D printing.   Located in Denver and can deliver, but am willing to ship for the right price! 
I left a print on over night (I made sure the first portion printed fine and the layers were sticking) but when I got back this morning I found this: I tried to pull it off with pliers, but I don't want to break any part of the machine. I was also trying to heat it up to pull it off easier but it didn't seem to be doing much for me. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help in advance.
Hi, I am a student and I am trying to fix a 3D printer. It is a Taz 3 I think, and the filament isn't catching to the thing that feeds the filament. We are using ABS. If I manually push on the filament, it will come out without a problem. Everything works correctly, except the filament isn't getting pushed out with the motors. Can you help me?
  Hello fellow Hubs,    Another year, an even bigger guide. This year 8,624 reviews, 915 hours of writing, 4,982 years of experience and 1.14 million 3D prints led to the 2017 3D Printer Guide. A big thank you is in order to all of you that helped make the guide possible again - your Hub badges will go live today!  
Hello,    I did a 12 hour print overnight last night on my LulzBot TAZ 6 that came out with a really bumpy, odd print quality. Not sure what to change to keep this from happening. I am printing with the object upright to get nicer print quality in the Z axis. The piece is 1mm thick at its thinnest point and I am using  a 0.5mm nozzle in PLA.    Thanks!