Hi everyone,   I thought I would share my latest mountain bike print since everyone really loved the old one. This one has been updated to include working front suspension (as well as rear) and rotating cranks and pedals (as well as rotating wheels). I tried to make a 'chain' so that the pedals were connected to the rear wheel but this was pretty difficult with the small sizes involved.    
  It's no secret that the midnight release of Fallout 4 this past Tuesday sent the gaming world into a frenzy. Among other reasons, fans of the popular post-apocalyptic role-playing video game franchise have been waiting patiently for five whole years for the much-anticipated update.    
Some of you may remember my Ockham Razor from earlier in the year. Initially we used 3D printing just as a prototyping tool, but now that we're nearing completion of full manufacturing of the razor, we are launching a brand new product - a 3D printed Travel Edition Ockham Razor.    
  This 3D-printable stand uses a ball-joint principle to hold most commonly available flashlights, laser pointers, USB microscopes, etc.   To assemble the stand you only need two rubber bands. The 3D-files are designed to be 3D-printed easily without support structures.   Note that the base has small screw holes on the bottom where rubber feet or ring magnets can be attached.  
We rarely hear about photographers using 3D printing in inventive ways, that is until we ran into an order from Florida-based photographer Sandra Canning. Sandra is working with @jsanch20 in Miami to organize an art exhibit around 3D printed lithophanes.   The original picture​   Revitalizing an old art form​  
Hi guys, have you ever wanted to design and make your own bike?     Well I have and until 3D printing came along it seemed like only a pipe dream but now it's possible! I thought I would share the story of how I (and a colleague Alan) created and printed a downhill mountain bike with working wheels and rear suspension using only ABS (no flexible filament was used at all).  
  The saga of the Buddha Trooper.    In fact he’s based on a model of Budai, the fat smiling monk.   A popular figure in Chinese Buddhism.   He’s wearing a Storm Trooper helmet.    A popular figure in Western sci-fi culture.   So this model is kind of a mashup, a meeting of two worlds.   Sort of like something Banksy would do because it’s ironic, yeah?