I have Ubuntu 16.04 Mate running on my desktop & laptop. I have a replicator 2, Sailfish firmware. I no longer use Makerware because of a white square that sits on the screen when I open the app. I installed Flash Forge print app, and get the same thing. Needless to say, I can't get either to connect to the printer anymore. Presumably this white square is some sort of setup window.
I came in this morning to find my overnight print (which I have done many times before) stopped working mid print about 4-5 hours into a 10 hour print.  Since the printer is in a school that is air conditioned, I do have a heater about 0.5m away from the right side (when looking at the lcd screen) of the printer that has kept the printer warm enough to not have layer delaminations.  
I just recently started 3D printing at my new job and am having problems with one of our printers. I can preheat everything to the desired temperatures but once I begin a build from the SD card it immediately begins to cool down the extruder to room temperature. It should be noted that we had to remove the right head due to some issues with nozzle.
This is going to be a long one but I could really use your help. Alright, so my makerbot replicator 2's extruder fan stopped spinning about 6 months ago. I was trying to load wood filament when I noticed smoke starting to come out of the extruder. I immediately turned off the printer and pulled out the filament.
this is strange. my printer was doing just fine. I have had it under a year and have printed many items without issue. in my last print the belt clip broke. this caused the extruder to go a little haywire and was printing all of the place. I had a local shop print me some new ones installed them today and now the extruder never starts in the proper starting position.
hi new to 3d printing. i have purchased a ctc 3d dual head printer, downloaded the replicator software from cd and run through the calibration and other test files, all seems good. Problem seems to arise when i try to download makerware software.  I am using a hp mini laptop with windows 7 32 bit, this seems to download ok but when trying to open all i get is a blank window.
1 - 3DS Max Model
Hi,   Can someone please help and explain to me what is happening with my model?   Its a relatively simple model of a SW Rebel Symbol (2.5cmx 2.5cm) that i have created in and exported from 3DS Max as an OBJ. As you can see from the images below the model is clean and has ample surface smoothing using subdivisions (not mesh/turbosmooth) as i know this doesn't work for 3D printing.  
I have a duel extractor CT'c  makerbot replica and have a control board problem. The com port no longer connects to the computer so can no long printer to it!!! so I have 2 questions and hope someone can help me?   1). where can I buy a control board, I've tried looking on Ebay and found boards for lots of other printers but not for the CT'c  
Selling a MakerBot Replicator 2 with a glass build plate.  The build plate has been printed on <10 times.  The nozzle and thermal barrier are newly replaced, with only about 10 hours of printing on them since replacement.  The panels have been removed, so the black sheet metal frame is visible (aesthetic only).   I'm looking for $750.