I am aware that Markforged does not want users to use anything but their proprietary materials.The Onyx one printer only has a setting for their onyx material and not the nylon settings. Has anyone who has this printer used regular nylon, if so did they have any issues printing it?I love my printer but would be willing to trade warranty loss for access to cheaper materials. 
Hi guys.  Am quite interested in the MarkForged printers but can't do without dissolvable support material.  I've contacted MarkForged about it, told them all they need is a simple plastic extruder for water-soluble filaments like Airwolf Hydrofill (which is known to stick quite well to nylons; E3D "Scaffold" might be another material of interest) plus the appropriate mod in their Eiger software,
Hey everyone, just wondering if Markforged printers (specifically the Onyx Pro) can print in materials such as PLA and ABS instead of Markforged's proprietary Onyx material.  It would be nice to print in a cheaper material when the part doesn't need to be very strong. Thanks!
We have a MarkForged Mark 1 Standard that we'd like to sell. We are located in Northamptonshire, UK.   It currently has 40d 0h 12m total print time, for 106 completed prints. Comes with partial roll of carbon filament, and 50cm3 of fibreglass filament unopened. Original box with most of the packing materials, plus the drybox to hold the nylon filament. Original tool kit with flash USB, etc.  
My company has had its Mark One for a while now and we have noticed some changes in our print quality.  You would think It would get worse over time, but in fact it has gotten better.  The printer has gone through a few firmware updates and the only changes with Nylon it prints with, as far as we can tell, has only gone down from the older 1000 cc rolls to the newer 800 cc rolls.
I was doing some initial testing to determine if it was possible to use the carbon fiber layers as a basic circuit. As you can see in the photo it works. Now If I can just upload gerber files into Eiger for specific layers maybe I can actually print imbedded circuits into my parts. I have requested the capability and Markforged software guys are looking into.
We have a markforged mark one printer with our school for research. We were trying to print carbon but eiger only has the option for concentric fiber rings, but kevlar has options like isotropic and full fiber fill options. We were wondering if we could set up the printer with kevlar settings but load carbon fiber, and we tried it and behold if failed to print the fiber.
Do any of the bigger commercial hubs read through the forum? I'm looking to expand out in materials beyond FDM/cnc/laser/etc. I'm curious what the next best step is? The Markforged machines look interesting and would fit with the prototypes I primarily work with. Then there are the bigger beasts. SLS and polyjet seem like good options. Anyone have opinions?